Monday, January 2, 2012

Yes, you can offer me a million dollars to write a book!

So, I'm barely awake.  Today is the second day of 2012 and the first day back at this:  making lunches, getting up while it's still dark, drinking my coffee while small (often annoying and excessively loud) people are asking me a lot of questions that I don't know the answers to, making lunches, working out before 5:00 p.m., attempting my "to-do" list, and making lunches.  Did I mention making lunches?  I got all my school-age children on the bus (my faith in a God is increasing) and I sat down to surf the net (because it's too early to start on my actual "to-do" list).  I figured I would check into my blog, see if I had anything compelling to write, and then possibly post.  If not, I figured I would see what the hoards of people are up to on Facebook.  (Did I say the baby is STILL SLEEPING???  God:  Looks like you got a chance today!).

I logged into my blog and I perused the More From BlogHer sidebar and I see a blog title that looks familiar.  Remember:  I am barely awake.

It took me a few seconds and multiple clicks to verify that I wasn't going crazy.  I realized:  ONE OF MY POSTS MADE THE BLOGHER SIDEBAR. 

Yeah, I know.  That probably doesn't deserve large font.  I'm pretty sure it's random and kind of like jury duty (as in:  I should not be this excited).  But, it feels a little like I won an Academy Award or at the very least a Pulitzer.

2012 - you might not be that daunting after all!

Happy Monday, friends.  I'm going to write an acceptance speech now and wait for the book deal offers to pour in.  (Or, I might just add "Write an acceptance speech (remember to thank mom...and God)." on my to-do list.)


Nomads By Nature said...

I secretly deny my kids snacks too when I know they will be super hungry and the meal coming is not their super favorite. :) Rock on!!

And congrats on the Blogher Sidebar nomination. Just remember when you give your acceptance speech to add all us little people. After God and your mom, and probably your kids since they sometimes provide a lot of the material, of course. Well done ADITL!

jamiew said...

See? Feel the love? (It's like my snowflake card!)

Monica said...

@nomads - i will always remember where i came from (and, yes, you can touch my hand and never wash it). p.s. - you can also deny your kids baths and clean clothes if it furthers your cause. ;o) @j.w. - yes, it IS like your snowflake card (special). p.s. - please tell me you read the comment about our pet sitting friend since it was especially for you.

Jae said...

I am SO dang happy you joined up with BlogHer!!! It feels AWESOME, right?!

Hines-Sight said...

Happy New Year!


Monica said...

@Jae - I was pee pants excited even though I know it's a little like the lottery??? Kinda crazy... @leigh - Happy New Year to you, too! Your post on cell phones was HI-LARIOUS.