Monday, January 16, 2012

My brain may have just figured out It's January.

So, I am usually mildly depressed in January.  Call it Seasonal Depression, Post-Christmas Blues, Whacked Out Mom-of-Four Syndrome, whatever.  But, it's usually the case that in January I like to sit around in my jammies and think about everything sad.  I know that's weird since January is such a fabulously jazzy month what with:  post-Christmas finances, dreary disgusting weather, MLK Jr.'s march that we can never attend because someone is always napping and it's raining, my BIRTHDAY when my greatest fear (aging) is realized, and the days that end at 5:30 p.m. when all the kids are still WIDE AWAKE???  Surprising, but true.  In the past, you might have known (not that you in any way should care) that I am in Mild Depression because I won't post or if I do it will all be about Death and Dying (yes, like Kubler-Ross). 

This year I was sure I had kicked that nasty habit to the curb.  I had my Happy Gal groove on.....for the first 13 days.  Then it hit me.  IT'S JANUARY.  I am supposed to be in a Super Funk where I don't cook, clean, brush my teeth, or shower.  What the heck am I doing wandering around like a normal functioning woman?

As soon as that "cat was out of the bag" it's like my brain said, "Shut down.  Eat like a bear that's going into hibernation, refuse to talk to the children, and stay in your room."  And, with a few exceptions (I am talking to the children - occasionally and upon emergency), that's where I've been for a few days.

That brings me to today.  I decided it's time to take this bull by the horns and kick this thing.  What better way to do that than to concentrate on what makes January great?  So, here it goes.  (If this works, this could be my meal ticket, and I *could* be a millionaire - as it seems there are few side effects to making list.)

The Great Things About January (don't worry, I could only think of 10 - and that was a stretch)

1.  We are that much closer to Spring Break.
2.  We will not face the pressures of the Christmas season for another 11 months.
3.  The Golden Globe Awards are in January and we can make a list of movies that are supposedly good so that we might watch them sometime int he next 20 years.
4.  There are lots of season premieres and it can feel almost like September.
5.  There is the hope that shows like Whitney will be cancelled so that we won't have to accidentally stumble upon them and then be compelled to watch like a bad car crash.
6.  There isn't a lot of pressure to shop for new clothes since it will be rainy, cold, and dreary for a good two months.
7.  Even though I am faced with the fact of aging when my birthday rolls around, I do have a nice chance to score birthday booty (the accessory kind, not the other kind).
8.  The kids are fairly content playing with their Christmas loot and less inclined to fight with each other.
9.  January puts this irrational hope in the minds of my kids that it will snow (here in South Texas - where it's snowed a handful of times...ever), they will be able to make a snowman, ice skate, and have a snow day.  This irrational hope keep them excited and eager well into the fourth week of the month.

And probably the best thing about January:
10.  We are already halfway through and just 15 days away from FEBRUARY.

Well, that was worthless.  It turns out January does suck.  (I won't quit the day job.)  Try to keep your happy face on and if you can't do that, at least wash your jammies and hunker down.  We only have 15 more days to get through!!!


Shannon said...

Even here in the tropics January sucks. The kids had a 3 day weekend and we had plans to swim, swim, and swim some more so as to keep them out of the house, which you will remember I was forced to clean to picture perfect status, wanna guess what happened? You got it it has rained for 3 solid days. The house is a wreck, the kids are BORED, and there is mud EVERYWHERE. I am DONE with January. Gah!

Anonymous said...

The only thing that is worse than January is February, as far as I am concerned. Being a teacher, I live for the next holiday - and February has none for us. So, I feel your pain, Sista!

cb said...

love this one.

Monica said...

@shannon - january just plain sucks. @whatimeant2say - i do remember back from teaching days pretty much just counting the days until spring break. so, i feel your pain (or at least remember it).