Thursday, November 25, 2010

What I am Thankful For 2010...

1. I am thankful that you will forgive the juvenile title of this late reoccurring post. ;o) AND I am thankful for you sweet Readers of my Posts - that you fuel my WriterWannabe fire.

2. I am thankful for my health and the health of those I love.

3. I am thankful for my family. My kids. I love them through and through (even though they drive me NUTS), my siblings (and I so want to do a sublist here, but as they strapped me with hosting t-day - I CAN'T - JUST KIDDING!!!), my dad - sublist:

a. my dad is an infinite example to me on how to live life and not fear death.
b. he has exhibited grace, love, and fortitude beyond measure upon losing the love of his life and half of his soul.
c. he is darn funny which is sometimes all we have in this world.
d. he somehow supported TEN (count 'em) children in this crazy life, loved us all, and we all managed to come out okay (well most of us - JUST KIDDING!).
e. he taught me (along with my mom) how to love unconditionally. I am not saying by any means that I have mastered this, but he has been an overwhelming example to me.

4. I am thankful for delicious and yummy food and that I don't have to think about how I am going to get my next meal (well, most days ;o).

5. I am thankful that I live in a house and not under a bridge somewhere.

6. I am thankful for my husband.

7. I am thankful for great friends. Truly I feel blessed by my friends. I live in an awesome neighborhood and have met some top notch ladies.

8. I am thankful for the simple things: a great cup-of-joe, a stinky kiss from one of my motley crew, a letter from a friend, forgiveness when I don't really deserve it, a clean kitchen, a gorgeous day, and a great book.

That's my list peeps. Almost didn't make my last-day-of-November deadline...until December..........

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tips to Enjoy Your Holiday Food (while drinking)

It's time for my annual post about How To Indulge the Holidays - Through Food and Drink. This is the anti-How To Avoid the Holiday Bulge which is a common article you will find just about anywhere this time of year. It came out in my paper today and frankly, some parts (which I will quote so that you too can enjoy them) just made me laugh out loud.

So, if you are not familiar with this reoccurring post it's basically just a list of how to enjoy the holiday food and not really worry about your waistline (or as I like to say - your who?).

1. DO NOT eat before the party to "save calories." That is plumb crazy on a lot of different levels. First of all, it's rude. These people have presumably invited you to their party because they like you and they want to cook for you. So, EAT IT. EAT LOTS OF IT. It will make you and them HAPPY. In fact, a rule I like to follow is - starve yourself (and your kids if you have 'em) for a good long while BEFORE the party so that when you get there your whole family is starving and everything tastes good. No need to hope your hostess is an excellent cook because it will all taste great if you are starving. ;o) I also like to tell my kids - THIS IS DINNER (or lunch or breakfast - depending on the time of the party) SO YOU BETTER EAT. MOMMA IS NOT COOKING WHEN WE GET HOME. This usually assures that my crew eats till there is nothing else to eat.

2. DO NOT forgo drink in order to save calories (or really for any reason). The holidays were made for great little cocktails (and of course, plain old beer - my personal favorite) that might not come around for ANOTHER YEAR. So, ENJOY THEM. Who cares how many calories they have? And, for goodness sake, they DO make you eat more and not notice it. THAT'S half the fun!!! Hello!!! I can drink three cute little cocktails and then I could care less what I brainer AND it makes the so-so cook look fabulous so we all come out winners.

3. When you are at a holiday party situate yourself CLOSE to the food and drink so as to conserve energy and time. If you can pull up a chair RIGHT up to the food table without being too conspicuous - DO IT. Believe me, you will be the center of attention and life of the party (if you do it right ;o). This guarantees that you get to taste all the new stuff (because I really hate it when I am feeling a little full - or sick because of too many cute cocktails and then the hostess puts something I need to try on the table) and that you can continue to get the know-it's-great-already stuff.

4. Keep your hands free. Now, I am going to quote from the San Antonio Express News right now because this tip is so utterly ridiculous. Here goes, "Carry a clutch bag in one hand and a glass of sparkling water or a camera in the other, and you'll limit your chances of unconsciously snacking on party fare." Seriously???? What planet are you from? Are you the Grinch? Let's break this apart (sublist) just so we are clear on what needs to happen:

a. Clutch??? You need a BIG BAG for parties in case there are some yummy left-overs that you need to take home (or a bottle of wine you feel no one is going to drink). So, before heading out grab the biggest fanciest bag you can find. And then PUT IT ON YOUR SHOULDER FOR SOME HANDS FREE EATING.
b. GLASS OF SPARKLING WATER. Seriously? Save that for the January. The only thing in your hand (or better yet - your hubby's hand) should be a cute little Christmas cocktail or a yummy flavored beer.
c. CAMERA? Believe me if you have as much fun as I usually have - you won't NEED a camera. The pictures will be posted the next day on Facebook for the whole world to see.

5. Do not EVER stop to wonder what is in something or how many calories it has. Believe me there will be plenty of time for that when you write your New Year's Resolutions. So, here's the second UTTERLY hilarious thing I read, "Need more help navigating that table of temptation, aka the buffet? Just go to, type in the treat that 's threatening your willpower and click "go." Sheesh. Way to kill the moment, people. Here's my tip if you want to click "go:" RESIST the temptation because in the time it takes to click "go" you can pop that sweet little morsel in your mouth and be done with it. And if that doesn't work, call me. I will be more than happy to help you "navigate" any party buffet table. I look darn good with a big, fancy bag, too.

6. Forego exercise this time of year. Because what's the point? Like I think that 45 minutes in the morning is really going to matter when I've stuffed my face for seven days straight?

7. Remember "There's Always Tomorrow." Don't get down on yourself because you couldn't taste everything or you didn't order the cutest little Christmas drink. There's always another party. Trust me on this one. The holiday season started seven days before Halloween (or whenever you broke open your candy that was supposed to be for the trick-or-treaters) and technically it doesn't end until my birthday, so you have PLENTY of time to enjoy everything.

I could probably think of more, but I have to end somewhere and I am frightened for all the people that read today's paper so I feel compelled to get this out there. ;o)

Happy eating my friends.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

So, it's officially the Holiday Season. Or it is if you watch TV or get the newspaper, or come out of your house at all. If you are strictly following an American Calendar, then you still might have a ways to go. But, by all other measures - BEWARE CHRISTMAS IS UPON US. I saw my first Kay Jewelers Christmas commercial the day after Halloween and the Christmas flyers have been coming to our house long enough for my kids to now be making their 2011 Christmas lists.

Now if there is one thing I notice about the holiday season it is people's attitudes. So, today I have decided to totally switch gears (I already had planned what I wanted to write about) and post a tribute to people who have great attitudes during this season.

The holidays bring out a mixed bunch of emotions in people. Lots of people get depressed, lots of people get stressed out, lots of people just like to do what they always do, and then there are those people who just have great attitudes and they spread that love around everywhere they go. So, today I am going to tell you about a few of those Regular Joes who have ALREADY made my Holiday Season 2010 a great one.

1. The customer who told me when I screwed up her order (and she said this calmly and politely after I had apologized profusely), "Really, it's not a big deal. This time of year is crazy for everyone." I want to give her a huge fist bump and two thumbs up. She is Santa come down the chimney to give me the gift of grace. Thank you, dear customer for being so forgiving.

2. The checker at HEB on Friday when there was a line about two miles long and she had a broken arm and the person in front of me used like 5000 coupons much to the dismay of all the people waiting in line. Now, I was pretty calm, but let me tell you when this person pulled out their little pouch of neatly organized and alphabetized coupons I thought everyone in the line was going to die. The collective groan of impatience could probably be heard at the North Pole. And do you know what this sweet all-of-16-year-old checker did? She smiled sweetly and began to enter those coupons. My hats off to you sweet checker. Way to have the Christmas spirit of patience.

3. My wonderful people at the place I make copies. You would think they would get grumpier as the Christmas season bears down on them - because they are always working diligently when I go in there (and even more so around the holidays), but they might actually get happier. No matter how busy they are, they take the time to greet me and talk to me and act like I am their only customer. It's really comforting and if I am feeling grumpy (I know, not me, right?) it always makes me feel better. Thank you copy people for putting on a smile even when you might not feel like it.

4. Okay, I am grumpy and a scrooge by nature so I can only handle so much of this warm fuzzy love stuff. And I don't want to make anyone toss their cookies (even if they are holiday cookies). So, I will make one more shout out and then I will just have to stop. And, if you know me at all you will know that this is a strange one. The last person that has made my holiday season pleasant already is my husband. I know. Shocker, right? I told you it was a strange one.

My busiest season with work is that time leading up to all the holidays. I go into my "work hole" sometime in mid-September and I don't really emerge (as a human) until Christmas vacation. This year my husband has really put in a hand to help me out. And I have made a sub-list (oh, Gosh I love those!) just for him. So, E. if you read this know that you are Really Special.

a. He has put up with my raging mood swings by calmly encouraging me to drink. Thanks, babe. Sometime the rest of the beer (when the first part has gone into the fried fish batter) is really all I need. ;o)

b. He has taken the kids away from me on multiple occasions so that I can work. And, then he has managed to keep his mouth shut when I really didn't work, but blogged. ;o) Ooops.

c. He has put away perishables after dinner. Say what??? Hold the phone. I know, right? That's crazy nuts. This is a man who knows his way around the kitchen - cooking that is - but can't manage to put anything back. For some crazy reason, 2010 is the year he has mastered the art of Putting Away the Perishables. Thanks, babe for learning a new trick!

d. He took me away from my kids right before the busy season started because he knew it might help keep my sanity. Well, maybe that's not why he did it. But, guess what. It was his idea. AND it worked. So, fair or not he gets the credit. ;o)

5. He calmly and patiently puts up with me when I have melt downs such as the one I had last night while "balancing" the checkbook. (And just know that I use that term "balancing" very loosely as it is impossible to balance something that is hopelessly weighted on the side of - YOU IS POOR). And when I say "puts up with me" sometimes that just means he ignores me all together. And, for us - that works!!!

6. He has done all this while putting up with a woman (that would be me) who is "of a certain age" where (and know that I am the Queen of Modesty here, so this is a bit touchy) let's just say - things is beginning to get a little warm. And if you don't understand that - don't worry. You are probably not of that certain age yet. And, if you did get it, well you know how challenging that can be sometimes. ;o)

Okay, I'm done. Whew. Not as painful as I thought to be nice. That's my shout out and I'm sticking to it. Have a great Start of Your Thanksgiving Week, peeps and try to have a little Great Attitude while you are at it.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

365 Days

Grief is funny in that it can spring up on you when you least expect it. It lives slightly under the surface of your heart.................for a long time.

It is a gorgeous fall day. Clean, cold, crisp air. The sun holds promise and encouragement for the day. I am driving and my mind is occupied fully with the tasks of the day. I am feeling accomplished because I am on schedule. The radio is blaring out my favorite songs. I have no thoughts that are sad.

Suddenly and without warning two thoughts enter my head. "Kill 'em with kindness." and "It is better to catch bees with honey than with vinegar."

I almost veer off the road. I am dumbfounded with these thoughts. I cannot imagine why I would think them. Why they would pop into my head. Then just as suddenly as I can't know..........I know. These are my mother's sayings. Somehow she has put these thoughts in my head. Before I know what is happening I am having to blink back tears in order to stay on the road. My chest is heaving violently with sobs. I am both shocked and surprised at what is happening. My mother is riding shot-gun and This Is Day 363.

I must continue driving and I struggle to think of other things. But I can't. I physically can't. My mind goes back to last year at this time and again I am driving. It is the morning of the day that my mother died. But, of course, I do not know this then. If only I had known. The day is just like this day. It holds so much promise. I am exhausted from spending time at the hospital with our baby. But, things are looking up. Things do not look up. Later I will be mentally and physically crushed with the news that my mother has died.

In my mind I fast forward to getting this knowledge. It is through a phone call. This cannot be avoided. I don't even remember the exact words, but I remember willing him not to say the words. I distinctly remember thinking, "Do not say she is dead. She will not be dead to me if you do not say it." And then, he said it.

I have a desperate desire to stroke your cheek. To be embraced like only you can embrace. An embrace that says, "You are all I need." But without any words. I desire to sit with you. Me on the couch. You in your rocking chair. And we do not talk. There is no need for words.

As I am thinking these thoughts I am still driving. The thought passes through my head that I do not want to wreck. I must maintain my composure. Grief is funny like that. It can swim up to the surface of your heart quickly and it will give you no warning. It will take over your body so that you have no will.

I get to my destination and I pull down the visor to check for damage. The damage is extensive. I look like grief. I am aware that I look like someone who has just learned that her mother has died.

This morning I awoke from a deep sleep. I checked the clock. It was 2:39. After doing this the first thought I had was you. I was aware that this was the day that you died. My body was immediately racked with sobs that I could not control. I called out to you to stop this. And you said one word to me. "Cry."

The funny thing about grief is that this is Day 365. And it feels just like Day One.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Today I am Thankful for Blogs

And if YOU are reading this, you can be thankful today, too. It was a toss up between the following for a writing topic today: hot flashes, mom, fire safety, and blogs. Blogs won. So, count 'yer blessings.

Sidenote: I am not doing that whole Thirty Days of Being Thankful thing because I believe we should be thankful all days of the year (I can hear a collective Awww!). Just like we should recognize and be thankful to Hispanics all year not just during National Hispanic Month.

I am a pretty serious reader. Now, unlike several of my sisters, my good friend S., and some other people I know I don't read 1000 books a week. I have a short attention span, so I prefer to read short things like the newspaper (in short article chunks), signs, papers that come home from school needing my attention and the like. But, I do love my actual books. It just takes me a good while to get through them. I have read some great ones lately, but that will have to be another post.

My love of reading has brought me gradually to blogs. After a rocky start, I have grown to love them and may be addicted to them. When blogging first started (yes, I am THAT old, people) I thought, wow what a shameless way for the me-generation to flaunt themselves and I was basically not interested. Then, my great friend over at painstakingly introduced me to her blog.

Now, I will digress for a minute here to tell you two things that have to do with Cyberbones. 1. This great friend has four kids, so she has introduced me to many, many things I did not know the first thing about. To name a few:, sibling rivalry, post-partum depression, the joys of all kinds of coffee, gnocchi, etc. So, I will take this time to tell you - Cyberbones, I love you. 2. My mother was a faithful reader of my blog (and mama if you still read my blog from your heaven - I love, love, love you for that) and one day I was telling mama about something on Cyberbones' blog that was amazing (take your pick - can't remember specifically what) and mama said - I know I read it. I was like, huh? Mom in her amazing over 80 years had figured out (I didn't even know this - dangit) how to look up what other people are reading. Is that amazing??? Mama - I love you. forward a few years and I realized that blogging is a whole different breed. After becoming pretty avid about reading Cyberbones' blog, I eventually had to START my own blog. As you know, I wanted to be several things in life. Here's the short list: famous writer, decorated cop promoted to head detective (in a big city, not shot in the line of duty), restaurant reviewer, lawyer. So, to have people actually read what I am writing (and not because they have to - like I email them a "high priority" email, or tape a note to their chest) and comment on it???? That's like heaven. I am now pretty addicted to my blog and write everyday in it. Not a lot gets "published," but I have found I like it.

AND I love reading other people's blogs which at first I thought was.............NUTS. I am a little crazy about it. When I have time (not feeding six people, doing their laundry, cleaning up after them, otherwise tending to them, or working on that high stack of prints over there) I have been known to sit and read blogs for hours. So, (and I know that was a LONG WINDED introduction) today is a shout out to JUST A FEW noteworthy blogs and why I like them.

Cyberbones - this woman is who I would like to be when I grow up. She is a fabulous cook and baker, she has four kids who are well-rounded, she is world traveled, she reads like a 1000 books a week, and she blogs (almost daily) from Malawi, Africa. I learn things I didn't know from reading her blog and I have the extra bonus of her being my friend, so it feels like she's in my kitchen drinking coffee and I am getting the daily scoop. this gal is just a great writer. She has a positive outlook on life, kids, and marriage and an old scrooge like me needs a dose of that every once in a while. Plus, she's dang funny and I can always use a laugh. this lady is also a fabulous writer. And she's a young 'un. Boo! If I had just an ounce of her writing ability at my age I would hope I'd be famous. I am sure she will be famous soon and I can say I read her blog when............

The Daily Dish by Andrew Sullivan - okay he IS famous, but I do read a few famous blogs (famous in that they write for newspapers and such). I want to be Andrew Sullivan. Okay, so he's a gay man, but you know what I mean. He blogs, what like 32 POSTS A DAY??? I like to read his blog because it's kind of like reading NPR (which I am also addicted to - thank you, S.).

These are just a FEW SAMPLINGS of what I am reading nowadays. There are a few that request to remain private and that's cool. Know you're on my list and that I love your blogs, too. There are a few that suffer (as mine does a good part of the year) from regular updates. But, know that I am always waiting to read a good update. When a person that I don't know comments on my blog I go and check out theirs. So, B. if you read this - thanks again! Hope we can share reading!

So, that's my post. Thanks for blogging! If you have great blogs - send 'em my way. I am always up for another good read.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Time Warner, I think I love you.

So, weeks and weeks will go by and frankly I have nothing worthy of the written page. THEN scarcely minutes will go by and I feel like I might be able to write a novel (I'm not saying it would make any sense or that anyone would read it, but I could write it. I like to think - at these times - "Write it and they will come." ;o). So, now is one of the "I have so many things to write and not enough time" times.

If you read my blog you know that I am a SUCKER for GREAT customer service. I fill out all those cards that say, "Tell us about your service today..." I have been known to call a supervisor or two. AND I MIGHT have a big mouth. I can toot some horn (and when I said that out loud to my soon-to-be-nine-year-old yesterday he said, "Does that mean do an air biscuit, mom?").

So, it's been a while since my whole AT&T personal scandal and I've had a lot of other things to think about. I won't say I've forgotten them (because after you've gone through something like that with someone - how can they ever be far away in spirit?), but I am not constantly thinking about them. So, WHO calls yesterday??? TIME WARNER - that's who!

Hold the phone. It's who??? It's "Kip from Time Warner." (Yes, I did refrain from asking him about his name.)

Kip - Could I speak to a Mr. E.D.?

Me - Ah, he's not home right now.

Kip - Well, is this The Woman Who Makes Decisions About Your Home Cable and Internet Service? A Ms. M.D.?

Me - Um. Yeah. I think so.

Kip - Well, good afternoon, M.D. How are you today?

Me - Fine?

Kip - Listen, Ms. M.D. I am sorry to bother you this afternoon, and if this is not a good time please let me know so that we can set up another appointment to talk when you are more available.

Me - silent.

Kip - Is this a good time for you, Ms. M.D.?

Me - (silently thinking) Kip, I think I love you. First you are calling me Ms. and I think you might be 18? Second you are asking me if this is a good time for me? What planet are you from, Kip? Are there only work from home mothers of four that live on that planet because you have the inside scoop.

Me - Yes, Kip. I think this is a good time for me. (Baby screaming and possibly playing with knives in the background.)

Kip - Okay. Well, you just let me know if I need to call you back another time. And, before I forget let me give you my cell number in case that happens. Now, you won't need to go through customer service because we want your business and we know how time consuming that can be. (Kip proceeds to give me his cell number while I clear the counter looking for a pen and something to write on that is not the now cleaned off counter because let me tell you he HAS MY ATTENTION). Now, Ms. M.D. I see from my records that you experienced a problem with your current server a while back and you wanted to connect to Time Warner, and then for some reason you cancelled your initialization. So, what I would like to talk to you about today is how we can make Time Warner the company for you................................

And what ensued was Kip trying to make me a deal so sweet I couldn't refuse.

Hello. WHO TRAINED KIP??? Because AT&T and all other companies TAKE NOTE. He had an answer for every question I asked him. He was informed, but not pushy. He respected my time and plugged his ears while baby screamed through the phone. He laughed politely when I said, "No baby you cannot go outside without mama." He gave me a call back number so that I wouldn't have to spend five hours going through customer service. He knew his stuff and knew what I was currently paying AT&T (Wait, is this Facebook?). AND, (yes, people, he could teach the customer service class) he listened to me.

Kip, someone needs to promote you. And fast. YOU could put AT&T OUT OF BUSINESS. You could shut them down - and probably single-handedly. If Reggie switched sides and joined you, there's no tellin' what you guys might do. Today I am going to find your supervisor and tell him about you.

Time Warner - I am not sure I am ready to switch yet, but I think I love you.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thanksgiving menu updates - one week one day

and counting.

Add to the menu:

Thank you, M.G. for sharing this culinary delight.


several dozen home made tamales made by one M.C. Thank you, M.C. Not only do you keep my house clean like only you can, you are about to assist in keeping my family fed.

Reinstated after a brief loss of status

Well, I am back. Facebook has reinstated my account. Not really. They never really got around to reinstating me. I am just "back."

After being disabled from my Facebook account early yesterday morning, I spent some part of the day trying to recover lost information that could only be accessed via Facebook. Thank you friends for helping me out on that (you know who you are). Another example of how Facebook sucks your time. JUST KIDDING. I LOVE YOU, FACEBOOK. PLEASE DON'T DISABLE ME AGAIN. Not to mention the time I spent yesterday being pissy wondering how I had violated their Rules and Regulations. Thank you, friends again for your loving collective senses of humor. That was enough to keep me smiling through much of the day.

This morning I got an email from Facebook saying that they had denied my request for appeal. "Attemps to impersonate others" are serious violations and my request is "DENIED." Say what? Say who??? So, I promptly emailed them and told them that not only was I not knowingly in violation of any of their Rules and Regulations, I had misunderstood the appeal process and was now ready to email my PHOTO ID (Social Security number, bank accounts, and blood of my firstborn if necessary) could they give me another opportunity??? PLEASE??? Facebook promptly emailed back and told me that no account for this email had been disabled.


I'm back in??? Yes. I am back "in." Well, hallelujah. Facebook looks just the same as it did 24 hours ago. Hmm. So, I am left to wonder today...........hacked? A misinterpreted attempt at an impersonation of another Monica DeLaCruz? A Facebook scam to get my photo ID? Don't know. Just know that I am back. With a vengeance. ;o) And I AM sharing this!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

SAY WHAT??? Facebook WHO???

So, I have barely had a whole cup of joe this morning and I stumble onto the computer after getting the kiddos on to the bus and I login into Facebook. I do this to see what my friends and family are up to this Tuesday morning and to also report to them what I am up to. And, lo and behold, I get an ominous message saying my ACCOUNT HAS BEEN DISABLED and to "click here" to find out more information. Say what? Okay, so I "click here," and find that I have violated the terms of my agreement with Facebook. Say who? Did I say I hadn't yet had a full cup of COFFEE??? "Click here" they tell me if you want to read through our 1000 pages of what you agreed to when you signed up for Facebook to waste hours and hours of your life (but, fill it with oh so much joy, too).

Hmm. So, after skimming through pages and pages of what I have agreed to.......................I am completely baffled. I have somehow in my innocuous posts violated the terms of this "agreement?" Apparently so. AND, depending on the severity of my violation - I may NEVER be able to access a Facebook account again. Leading to a life of social shunning and stunting, not to mention complete abandonment by my kids.

BUT, have no fear. I have filed a request for review (which may take "time" to do and will be processed in order of receipt - Thank you, Facebook - THAT'S reassuring). I would "share" this, but sorry "friends" I can't.

Monday, November 15, 2010

November what???

Wow. Have you checked the calendar lately? Thanksgiving is fast approaching.

It is not that I am not thankful. I am. But, since I have kind of given up meat Thanksgiving is not holding any charm for me this year. Before I kind of stopped eating meat I really never liked turkey. In fact, I pretty much disliked it. I ate the obligatory piece on Thanksgiving and pretended (or not) to enjoy it. But, this year I don't even think I can manage that. So, I would love to have you all tell me what you will be having this Thanksgiving and I hope that somehow this will work out the remaining menu kinks that I am having.

Here's my menu, a few side notes, and one major discrepancy. See what you can do to help me out. ;o)

Sweet Potato Casserole

My family loves sweet potatoes, so we especially love them in any kind of a casserole. And Thanksgiving is such a great excuse to eat them. Lots of them. And I am not talking about those canned sweet potatoes (what are those anyway?). I am talking some real out-of-the-ground potatoes. Yummy!

Mashed Potatoes

Now my husband is the master of mashed potatoes. He can cook some mashed potatoes that taste just like heaven. I am sure they have about 8000 calories per serving, but we rarely have them, so WHO CARES?

Some kind of Green Vegetable

And this is for my mom. Yes, she's dead, but I know she will be looking down on us on Thanksgiving and smiling because we will have one green thing on the table.

Stuffing of some sort

Stuffing is my absolute favorite part of Thanksgiving (besides that whole being Thankful part). Serve me up a whole plate of stuffing and frankly I don't need anything else. But, my family tends to be traditional when it comes to this. I like to try different things in stuffing - oysters, seafood of any kind, spinach, nuts, fruits. My family pretty much just likes bread cut up into cubes. Yuck. So, I am still up in the air on this one. Feel free to give me some ideas.

Some sort of cranberry sauce

I also love me some cranberry sauce. But, cranberries not so much. So, this kind of requires me to get that way fake stuff that comes straight out of the can. I am hoping to alter tradition this year on this one. If you have an amazing cranberry sauce that everyone loves (and doesn't require a trip to any specialty store or take longer than an hour to make) - please share.

Some sort of healthy rolls

Yeah. I said healthy. My husband LOVES Brown and Serve. Which are what? Lots of preservatives cooked for 8 to 10 minutes, loaded with fake butter and consumed? Hmm. We may have to veer from tradition again on this one. I can NOT bake rolls and I have no desire to learn how. So, there will be no MAKING healthy rolls. There will be finding some healthy rolls and buying them.

Some sort of dessert

See I am not a huge fan of pumpkin. And "pecan", well....................let's just say - it's not chocolate. So, every Thanksgiving I try to work some chocolate in there somehow. My husband is a huge fan of pumpkin and pecan, so I am usually vetoed on this matter. This year may be the year for chocolate. If you have some awesome Thanksgiving desserts that satisfy the traditionalists and the non-traditionalists - let me know!!!

Well, that's about it so far. Anything missing? Well, yeah as a matter of fact.................THE TURKEY. Still haven't figured that one out. I don't think I can break down and buy a turkey, but I am not sure I can break down and NOT buy a turkey either. My family thinks we are having exactly what we had for Thanksgiving last year, so I am kind of out on a limb right now. I am hoping to have this all figured out by....................Thanksgiving. So again, if you have any ideas that will solve my problems - let me know. I'll check in again soon with a menu update. Or, if not you can find me at a different address after Thanksgiving. ;o)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A quick check-in...

thankfully not to rehab although I might belong there. Rehabilitation from complete exhaustion, that is. This is a quick check in to tell you all that Halloween was FABULOUS. And I hope you all had a fab one as well. I will post pictures soon. Hehehehehehe! You know that's a lie. I will not post pictures soon or ever because it is a painful process for me. But, imagine the devil, a blue-haired gal, a witch, an insane person (that shouldn't be a stretch for most of my readers ;o), an angel, and a dad who doesn't do Halloween with a costume and you got us!

I am going to check out again for a while. Too many prints and workers will be here shortly to fill my life with happiness, chaos, and humor. So, have a great beginning of November, my friends. And I will be back later when some of the chaos has subsided. :o)))