Sunday, November 21, 2010

So, it's officially the Holiday Season. Or it is if you watch TV or get the newspaper, or come out of your house at all. If you are strictly following an American Calendar, then you still might have a ways to go. But, by all other measures - BEWARE CHRISTMAS IS UPON US. I saw my first Kay Jewelers Christmas commercial the day after Halloween and the Christmas flyers have been coming to our house long enough for my kids to now be making their 2011 Christmas lists.

Now if there is one thing I notice about the holiday season it is people's attitudes. So, today I have decided to totally switch gears (I already had planned what I wanted to write about) and post a tribute to people who have great attitudes during this season.

The holidays bring out a mixed bunch of emotions in people. Lots of people get depressed, lots of people get stressed out, lots of people just like to do what they always do, and then there are those people who just have great attitudes and they spread that love around everywhere they go. So, today I am going to tell you about a few of those Regular Joes who have ALREADY made my Holiday Season 2010 a great one.

1. The customer who told me when I screwed up her order (and she said this calmly and politely after I had apologized profusely), "Really, it's not a big deal. This time of year is crazy for everyone." I want to give her a huge fist bump and two thumbs up. She is Santa come down the chimney to give me the gift of grace. Thank you, dear customer for being so forgiving.

2. The checker at HEB on Friday when there was a line about two miles long and she had a broken arm and the person in front of me used like 5000 coupons much to the dismay of all the people waiting in line. Now, I was pretty calm, but let me tell you when this person pulled out their little pouch of neatly organized and alphabetized coupons I thought everyone in the line was going to die. The collective groan of impatience could probably be heard at the North Pole. And do you know what this sweet all-of-16-year-old checker did? She smiled sweetly and began to enter those coupons. My hats off to you sweet checker. Way to have the Christmas spirit of patience.

3. My wonderful people at the place I make copies. You would think they would get grumpier as the Christmas season bears down on them - because they are always working diligently when I go in there (and even more so around the holidays), but they might actually get happier. No matter how busy they are, they take the time to greet me and talk to me and act like I am their only customer. It's really comforting and if I am feeling grumpy (I know, not me, right?) it always makes me feel better. Thank you copy people for putting on a smile even when you might not feel like it.

4. Okay, I am grumpy and a scrooge by nature so I can only handle so much of this warm fuzzy love stuff. And I don't want to make anyone toss their cookies (even if they are holiday cookies). So, I will make one more shout out and then I will just have to stop. And, if you know me at all you will know that this is a strange one. The last person that has made my holiday season pleasant already is my husband. I know. Shocker, right? I told you it was a strange one.

My busiest season with work is that time leading up to all the holidays. I go into my "work hole" sometime in mid-September and I don't really emerge (as a human) until Christmas vacation. This year my husband has really put in a hand to help me out. And I have made a sub-list (oh, Gosh I love those!) just for him. So, E. if you read this know that you are Really Special.

a. He has put up with my raging mood swings by calmly encouraging me to drink. Thanks, babe. Sometime the rest of the beer (when the first part has gone into the fried fish batter) is really all I need. ;o)

b. He has taken the kids away from me on multiple occasions so that I can work. And, then he has managed to keep his mouth shut when I really didn't work, but blogged. ;o) Ooops.

c. He has put away perishables after dinner. Say what??? Hold the phone. I know, right? That's crazy nuts. This is a man who knows his way around the kitchen - cooking that is - but can't manage to put anything back. For some crazy reason, 2010 is the year he has mastered the art of Putting Away the Perishables. Thanks, babe for learning a new trick!

d. He took me away from my kids right before the busy season started because he knew it might help keep my sanity. Well, maybe that's not why he did it. But, guess what. It was his idea. AND it worked. So, fair or not he gets the credit. ;o)

5. He calmly and patiently puts up with me when I have melt downs such as the one I had last night while "balancing" the checkbook. (And just know that I use that term "balancing" very loosely as it is impossible to balance something that is hopelessly weighted on the side of - YOU IS POOR). And when I say "puts up with me" sometimes that just means he ignores me all together. And, for us - that works!!!

6. He has done all this while putting up with a woman (that would be me) who is "of a certain age" where (and know that I am the Queen of Modesty here, so this is a bit touchy) let's just say - things is beginning to get a little warm. And if you don't understand that - don't worry. You are probably not of that certain age yet. And, if you did get it, well you know how challenging that can be sometimes. ;o)

Okay, I'm done. Whew. Not as painful as I thought to be nice. That's my shout out and I'm sticking to it. Have a great Start of Your Thanksgiving Week, peeps and try to have a little Great Attitude while you are at it.


Becky said...

Loved this! Here's to a happy holiday. Hope you have a great holiday season even with the work crush.

Shannon said...

See it's not so hard to be nice! I am proud of you. LOL!

Jae said...

Happy Holidays girl!

Monica said...

thanks ladies. right back atcha.