Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A quick check-in...

thankfully not to rehab although I might belong there. Rehabilitation from complete exhaustion, that is. This is a quick check in to tell you all that Halloween was FABULOUS. And I hope you all had a fab one as well. I will post pictures soon. Hehehehehehe! You know that's a lie. I will not post pictures soon or ever because it is a painful process for me. But, imagine the devil, a blue-haired gal, a witch, an insane person (that shouldn't be a stretch for most of my readers ;o), an angel, and a dad who doesn't do Halloween with a costume and you got us!

I am going to check out again for a while. Too many prints and workers will be here shortly to fill my life with happiness, chaos, and humor. So, have a great beginning of November, my friends. And I will be back later when some of the chaos has subsided. :o)))

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