Friday, November 19, 2010

Today I am Thankful for Blogs

And if YOU are reading this, you can be thankful today, too. It was a toss up between the following for a writing topic today: hot flashes, mom, fire safety, and blogs. Blogs won. So, count 'yer blessings.

Sidenote: I am not doing that whole Thirty Days of Being Thankful thing because I believe we should be thankful all days of the year (I can hear a collective Awww!). Just like we should recognize and be thankful to Hispanics all year not just during National Hispanic Month.

I am a pretty serious reader. Now, unlike several of my sisters, my good friend S., and some other people I know I don't read 1000 books a week. I have a short attention span, so I prefer to read short things like the newspaper (in short article chunks), signs, papers that come home from school needing my attention and the like. But, I do love my actual books. It just takes me a good while to get through them. I have read some great ones lately, but that will have to be another post.

My love of reading has brought me gradually to blogs. After a rocky start, I have grown to love them and may be addicted to them. When blogging first started (yes, I am THAT old, people) I thought, wow what a shameless way for the me-generation to flaunt themselves and I was basically not interested. Then, my great friend over at painstakingly introduced me to her blog.

Now, I will digress for a minute here to tell you two things that have to do with Cyberbones. 1. This great friend has four kids, so she has introduced me to many, many things I did not know the first thing about. To name a few:, sibling rivalry, post-partum depression, the joys of all kinds of coffee, gnocchi, etc. So, I will take this time to tell you - Cyberbones, I love you. 2. My mother was a faithful reader of my blog (and mama if you still read my blog from your heaven - I love, love, love you for that) and one day I was telling mama about something on Cyberbones' blog that was amazing (take your pick - can't remember specifically what) and mama said - I know I read it. I was like, huh? Mom in her amazing over 80 years had figured out (I didn't even know this - dangit) how to look up what other people are reading. Is that amazing??? Mama - I love you. forward a few years and I realized that blogging is a whole different breed. After becoming pretty avid about reading Cyberbones' blog, I eventually had to START my own blog. As you know, I wanted to be several things in life. Here's the short list: famous writer, decorated cop promoted to head detective (in a big city, not shot in the line of duty), restaurant reviewer, lawyer. So, to have people actually read what I am writing (and not because they have to - like I email them a "high priority" email, or tape a note to their chest) and comment on it???? That's like heaven. I am now pretty addicted to my blog and write everyday in it. Not a lot gets "published," but I have found I like it.

AND I love reading other people's blogs which at first I thought was.............NUTS. I am a little crazy about it. When I have time (not feeding six people, doing their laundry, cleaning up after them, otherwise tending to them, or working on that high stack of prints over there) I have been known to sit and read blogs for hours. So, (and I know that was a LONG WINDED introduction) today is a shout out to JUST A FEW noteworthy blogs and why I like them.

Cyberbones - this woman is who I would like to be when I grow up. She is a fabulous cook and baker, she has four kids who are well-rounded, she is world traveled, she reads like a 1000 books a week, and she blogs (almost daily) from Malawi, Africa. I learn things I didn't know from reading her blog and I have the extra bonus of her being my friend, so it feels like she's in my kitchen drinking coffee and I am getting the daily scoop. this gal is just a great writer. She has a positive outlook on life, kids, and marriage and an old scrooge like me needs a dose of that every once in a while. Plus, she's dang funny and I can always use a laugh. this lady is also a fabulous writer. And she's a young 'un. Boo! If I had just an ounce of her writing ability at my age I would hope I'd be famous. I am sure she will be famous soon and I can say I read her blog when............

The Daily Dish by Andrew Sullivan - okay he IS famous, but I do read a few famous blogs (famous in that they write for newspapers and such). I want to be Andrew Sullivan. Okay, so he's a gay man, but you know what I mean. He blogs, what like 32 POSTS A DAY??? I like to read his blog because it's kind of like reading NPR (which I am also addicted to - thank you, S.).

These are just a FEW SAMPLINGS of what I am reading nowadays. There are a few that request to remain private and that's cool. Know you're on my list and that I love your blogs, too. There are a few that suffer (as mine does a good part of the year) from regular updates. But, know that I am always waiting to read a good update. When a person that I don't know comments on my blog I go and check out theirs. So, B. if you read this - thanks again! Hope we can share reading!

So, that's my post. Thanks for blogging! If you have great blogs - send 'em my way. I am always up for another good read.


ayman k khlifat said...

hi , I checked your blog out and it is really great! ,become a follower of your blog .

Monica said...

Thanks, Ayman!

Shannon said...

OK you made me tear up when you said your Mom read my blog, sniff! Second I am going to be blushing for a while. Thank you for all the nice compliments! You totally made my day.

A blog I love love love and read daily is Live From Waterloo. You will find the link on my sidebar. Gabriel and his wife Gabby immigrated from Argentina to Canada. Can you imagine that first winter? Yikes!!!! Any way he is funny as can be, thoughtful, and he publishes every post in English and Spanish.

The other blog I love is Sarcastic Mom. Lotus lives in Austin and darn it I am going to meet her in real life some day! She is too freaking funny. I adore her sense of humor and the things her son gets into. Hers was one of the very first blogs I started following and I still love it. Plus David thinks she is hot so he reads over my shoulder.

The other blogs I read daily are all FS blogs ask and I will give you links or you can look at my side bar.

Monica said...

I like Sarcastic Mom, too!!! Did I get that from you??? I read your side bar and have gone to some of yours. I will check out Live from Waterloo. I had to laugh when I read your comment on my blog from yesterday because I was already composing great things about your writing in my head!!! cheers, girlie. have a great day - or night whatever the hell time it is. ;o)

Becky said...

I am thankful for your blog! You crack me up all the time. Love me a good laugh.

Jae said...

You are an awesome blogger girl, and I do keep up regularly! :)

a pair of pettijohns said...

let me start by saying what an HONOR it is to have a real, live shout out on your awesome possum blog! :) sheesh, mon. you are way too kind!!

and thank you for saying that i have a positive outlook on life. you've inspired me to keep the perma-smile present whilst continuing to battle the fleas.

remember when we were neighbors? those were good days. especially when eddie brought over d-to-the-licious authentic mexican food!

write on, sister friend. you rock!