Tuesday, November 16, 2010

SAY WHAT??? Facebook WHO???

So, I have barely had a whole cup of joe this morning and I stumble onto the computer after getting the kiddos on to the bus and I login into Facebook. I do this to see what my friends and family are up to this Tuesday morning and to also report to them what I am up to. And, lo and behold, I get an ominous message saying my ACCOUNT HAS BEEN DISABLED and to "click here" to find out more information. Say what? Okay, so I "click here," and find that I have violated the terms of my agreement with Facebook. Say who? Did I say I hadn't yet had a full cup of COFFEE??? "Click here" they tell me if you want to read through our 1000 pages of what you agreed to when you signed up for Facebook to waste hours and hours of your life (but, fill it with oh so much joy, too).

Hmm. So, after skimming through pages and pages of what I have agreed to.......................I am completely baffled. I have somehow in my innocuous posts violated the terms of this "agreement?" Apparently so. AND, depending on the severity of my violation - I may NEVER be able to access a Facebook account again. Leading to a life of social shunning and stunting, not to mention complete abandonment by my kids.

BUT, have no fear. I have filed a request for review (which may take "time" to do and will be processed in order of receipt - Thank you, Facebook - THAT'S reassuring). I would "share" this, but sorry "friends" I can't.


Shannon said...

So are you posting nude pics of Ed or what and how did I miss you are such a bad girl?

Monica said...

hahahahahaha!!! yeah, have you read the TERMS??? illegal solicitation, porn, cyber bullying, harrassment. jeesh. all i did was lie about my age. now come to find out i have screwed up the review process. they need a PHOTO COPY OF MY ID????!!!! hello. don't they already know everything about me??? who knows now how this will end.

Lucy said...

Yeah, be sure to sign up for their email system, too, so you can be TOTALLY in their grasp!! (GASP!)