Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Reinstated after a brief loss of status

Well, I am back. Facebook has reinstated my account. Not really. They never really got around to reinstating me. I am just "back."

After being disabled from my Facebook account early yesterday morning, I spent some part of the day trying to recover lost information that could only be accessed via Facebook. Thank you friends for helping me out on that (you know who you are). Another example of how Facebook sucks your time. JUST KIDDING. I LOVE YOU, FACEBOOK. PLEASE DON'T DISABLE ME AGAIN. Not to mention the time I spent yesterday being pissy wondering how I had violated their Rules and Regulations. Thank you, friends again for your loving collective senses of humor. That was enough to keep me smiling through much of the day.

This morning I got an email from Facebook saying that they had denied my request for appeal. "Attemps to impersonate others" are serious violations and my request is "DENIED." Say what? Say who??? So, I promptly emailed them and told them that not only was I not knowingly in violation of any of their Rules and Regulations, I had misunderstood the appeal process and was now ready to email my PHOTO ID (Social Security number, bank accounts, and blood of my firstborn if necessary) could they give me another opportunity??? PLEASE??? Facebook promptly emailed back and told me that no account for this email had been disabled.


I'm back in??? Yes. I am back "in." Well, hallelujah. Facebook looks just the same as it did 24 hours ago. Hmm. So, I am left to wonder today...........hacked? A misinterpreted attempt at an impersonation of another Monica DeLaCruz? A Facebook scam to get my photo ID? Don't know. Just know that I am back. With a vengeance. ;o) And I AM sharing this!

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Becky said...

What a joke! Glad you got it back. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!