Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Post For A Friend or Pinterest for Dummies (no offense)

This post if for my good friend over at Cyberbones because she is having some trouble.  I feel I owe her a lot for eternity because:  1.  She taught me a lot of parenting truths (not what you read in all those damn books), and 2.  She forced me (literally kicking and screaming - mostly obscenities, and mostly at her) into reading blogs and then blogging when she decided to move to another continent (without me) and started a blog so that she wouldn't go insane keeping up with everyone.

So, her trouble right now is navigating my addiction (knowing how to Pin on Pinterest).  So, I am paying her back for all her wisdom (I know, it's not really fair - she taught me to parent and I am teaching her how to do Pinterest.  Blah, blah, blah.  Life isn't fair.)  I made it super easy and have broken it down into a list!  My list is not numbered because I am not that organized and because of that whole teach a man to fish thing.

  • "YOUR timeline on Facebook" on Pinterest is kind of here:  Do the drop down menu under your name and picture and click on "Boards."  That's kind of your "home base."  In other words, that shows YOU.  If it's empty mostly that means you need to waste some time and start pinning crap stuff.
  • When you are "surfing" looking for cool stuff you will need to click on the red Pinterest.  That will bring up what people are pinning - kind of like Home on Facebook.
  • Download the pinning button to your computer so that you can pin anything that is cool, insane, funny, delicious, etc.  To find directions on how to do this go to:  About -> Pin It Button.  Then follow the directions there and try it out by pinning something you see online.
  • Pin other people's pins.  So, when you login to Pinterest you will see a bunch of things other people have pinned.  If you see something you like, hover over it.  A "Like," "Repin," and "Comment" button will pop up at the top of the picture.  Click Like to let the person who pinned it know that you liked it (common courtesy), then click "Repin" if you want to repin it.
  • Create at least a few "boards" by going to Add and then Create a Board.  You will need a basic board name for this board.  For example, if you want to pin a bunch of yummy stuff to eat, you might name your board "My Big Butt" (just a suggestion).  Then Pinterest will ask you categorize your board so that other pinners will be able to easily access what you have pinned (not rocket science - just use the drop down menu).  You will think of a bunch of boards you want to create once you become addicted.  Then you will probably have too many and have to consolidate.  Don't worry.  That's NORMAL.  Everyone goes through it!
  • Follow everyone!  Follow me!  You can do this by either clicking my icon right here on my blog, or you can find me on Pinterest.  The way you follow other (less important) people is by:  hovering over your name (Which should be in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.  If it's not - you totally screwed up and I cannot help you.) and wait for the drop down menu.  Click on Find Friends.  This will lead you to your Facebook friends and then click on those of them that are on Pinterest.  OR you can search for a "person" in the upper left hand corner of Pinterest. 
  • Repeat bullet number 2 (I realize that's confusing - sue me) till your eyes go blurry, your kids are weak with hunger, you look at the clock and 12 hours have passed, or you try to pin something real in your house.
  • Remember to have fun with it!  It is only virtual and it's SUPPOSED to be fun!
That's my list, Cyberbones.  I hope you like it and that you learned something.  Now GO WASTE SOME TIME! 


jamiew said...

can I pin this?

Shannon said...

I Likey! I am so lucky to have friends like you. Thank you. Now if it will just rain again tomorrow so I can play on the computer guilt free.

cb said...

i think i will be a better pinner now

is pinner a word? shannon

Monica said...

i am here for you, girls.