Monday, January 30, 2012

Does this blog make my butt look big? Or, Rachel Ray needs my kids.

I am battling the bulge lately.  Seems everywhere I turn there are things that make me my fat.  Here are just some things that confuse me and/or cause me to wonder about eating healthy and staying fit.

1.  Exercise - especially rigorous exercise for one hour a day - makes me want to eat like a horse for the other 11 hours in the day.  And not really fruit and veggies.  More like thick, juicy burgers and greasy fries.

2.  Rachel Ray can cook all that yummy looking food supposedly in 30 minutes because she doesn't have to plan the meal, shop for the meal, prep the meal, and cook the meal while also:  wiping a three year old's butt (sorry, just speakin' the truth), breaking up a fist fight, responding to an email marked urgent that apparently has been in my inbox for a week, and monitoring Wii time.

3.  Some of my favorite food blogs, like Rufus, often call for items that I am not familiar with nor do I have any idea where to buy.  For example:  rutabaga, prosciutto, turnip greens, coconut milk, etc.

4.  I want to watch a cooking show starring a lady that has four kids - I suggest ages 10, 8, 7, and 3 - all having their eating idiosyncrasies.  During the show the kids are with her the entire time she is doing anything involving feeding this TV family.  And then if she is successful I want her show to be cancelled.

5.  Although hubby and I are foodies and will pretty much eat anything that's not nailed down, our kids are a mixed batch.  The boy child eats like us.  His tastes range from sushi to greasy burgers.  He's not too keen on fruits, though, but will eat a wide range of veggies.  Girl 1 would eat this all day everyday if left alone:  pancakes, sweets, chocolate, fruit, bread, and raw sugar.  Girl 2 eats a wide range of things, although she fiercely avoids tomatoes, onions, and peppers if she can identify them (1.  Isn't that the Holy Trinity? and 2.  Did I ever tell you we are Mexican American???).  Girl 3 must sniff and pull apart everything she eats.  Although she would eat sushi, tuna, and hummus daily, she will avoid peanut butter like the plague.

6.  I think every time a fitness guru says, "It is a myth that you can tone your abs by ab exercises alone.  It requires core training." an angel eats a donut.

7.  I *might* be developing a healthy relationship with my muffin top.

8.  I *might* not want toned abs as much as I want to eat yummy food and enjoy tasty beverages.

9.  I've googled things like "tasty and healthy recipes," and I am just suspicious.  In other words, the recipes usually wear me out.  If it takes me five minutes to read and understand the recipe, frankly I don't want to cook it.   

10.  I have been hearing a lot about food allergies and it makes me infinitely thankful that - so far - my kids have none.  If they did they would starve and I would shoot myself.

That's what I've been thinking about.  Off to work-out for one hour, then eat like a horse, then prep for a lasagna recipe that I got off the back of the box!  Happy Monday, friends.  Try to stay fit.  Or, don't try.  I totally understand either way.


Leigh Powell Hines said...

This is great. I so agree with number one. :)

Shannon said...

Regarding #2- Racehl Ray also has someone to do all the prep work and the dishes. I had that in Jakarta and it makes ALL the difference, trust me.

#3 you don't want to eat rutabaga or turnip greens, well maybe the greens. You can find prosciutto at the deli counter it will cost a small fortune but OMG is it good. Cocnut milk can be found with the Goya products or with the Aisan stuff at HEB.

#8 Totally applies to me!

Anonymous said...

I am so with you on this one! Even though I only have one kid, and I pretty much try to avoid cooking at all costs. I would pay good money to see a cooking show as you described. That's one reality show that would be worth seeing.

Anonymous said...

This is whatimeant2say, and I published the Anonymous comment. For some reason, the Word Verification won't work when I try to use my Wordpress I.D. Just wanted you to know that I'm still reading!

Monica said...

@leigh and whatimeant2say - thanks for the read. :o) @shannon - okay - you are one of the people that i try to "keep up with" in the cooking realm. but, really - i give up. i surrender. just cook for me and i will eat vicariously. wait. is that possible? that could solve the weight problem, too? ;o)