Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2012 we had a good run!

It's January 31, y'all!  It kinda snuck up on me.  One minute I was bitching about how many freaking days were in January??? and the next thing I know it's the last day!!!  It seems a tributary list is in order.  This is not my idea.  I blame Michael Feldman for this one.  He did a listener call-in for the best of 2012 in a show that ran here a few weeks ago.  So, if you don't like this post - it's not really my fault.

Reasons why 2012 was the best year ever.

1.  I did not get the flu and die.
2.  No one in my family got the flu requiring me to nurse them to health like Florence Nightingale.
3.  All of my major home appliances are in working order.
4.  We did not buy a dog.  Or a cat.
5.  The suicidal bird that has been trying to die on my bedroom window is recovering slowly from his depression (he senses the end of January is near).
6.  I kept one of my resolutions..........I think............what were my resolutions?
7.  I bought a chore chart that my kids are taking seriously (if you don't count the fact that the three year old considers getting up and eating good chores that should be rewarded).
8.  Our family now gets Netflix.
9.  I gave up coffee.  Then I started drinking coffee again (a few minutes later).
10.  I had jello shots on my birthday!

Happy New Month, y'all!  Let's make it a good one!


Shannon said...

Netflix?!! Color me impressed.

And does this mean you are drinking coffee again/still?

For me February is off to a sucky a** start. Hopefully Groundhog day tomorrow will be better but with my luck it will be today all over again. Hey wasn't there a movie like that?

Monica said...

color me impressed. love that. yes - - BE IMPRESSED. we have NETFLIX. ed has clearly gone off his rocker. maybe by summer we'll have a POOL???? say what??? here's hoping tomorrow is better. xoxo.

jamiew said...

Jello shots aside, have your editor fact check before you post, because 2012 isn't over yet! Unless you are speaking only to the month, in which case I'll retract this comment.
That said, I LOVE this post and jello shots.

Monica said...

my editor is on vacation, so I am forced to let npr lead the way. and as you know, the "questions" are painstakingly researched. the answers are not. so, it may or may not be the end of the year. either way - jello shots are always a good choice.

Monica said...
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