Monday, April 9, 2012

Post-Easter Recovery

I hope your Easter was blessed and that you practiced self-control by not eating ALL your kids' Easter candy.  Here's my wrap-up:

1.  Leo went to his new home (thankfully, not in the sky) with this Amazing Guy.  Since The Reptileman is a bit of a celebrity here, it was really kind of him to take a few minutes to chat with my kids about school, the pets he has, and Leo (we did get positive confirmation on gender, and you do, in fact, examine a hidden nether-region part).  Leo is a Russian tortoise and we are sure he will be delighted with his new playmates:  Priscilla, Elvis, and Bob.  Local Readers:  If your kids are into reptiles and amphibians I highly recommend this guy for a birthday party.  Or, if you make Important Decisions at your kids' school, for God's Sake, get this guy to come and do a presentation.  You might be able to meet Leo in person (in tortoise?).

2.  We celebrated successfully completing our pantry challenge by eating at Spicy Ginger.  You regulars know how much I love this place.  Well, they may have made me love them more.  When my kids were noisily clambering for dessert!  ice cream!  candy! they gave them CHOCOLATE EASTER EGGS instead of fortune cookies.  Brownie points!  If you are local and like Asian food, you really must put this place on your To-Go list.

3.  My in-laws (love my in-laws) invited all my kids to go swimming at their hotel on Saturday night.  Best part?  Hubby took them all.  I stayed home.  Alone.  With my two friends I don't see often, Peace and Quiet.  It was like an Easter miracle.  Thank you, in-laws and hubby.

4.  My MIL brought us five dozen cascarones. 

If you are not familiar with cascarones, they are confetti filled eggs (real eggs are blown out and filled with confetti).  They are cracked over unsuspecting person's heads.  This is quite possibly one of my favorite Easter traditions.  They are not allowed to be cracked inside my house, but since we had five dozen, residual confetti is everywhere.  (And I'll let you use your imagination when I say everywhere.  It's kind of like sand at the beach.)  I will be spending a good part of the day vacuuming glittery $hit out of everything.

5.  The girls really did an outstanding job on the cookie decorating.  Me, not so much.  It seems my cookie decorating skills are just taking a nose dive (that wave is me saying good-bye to my Famous Cookie Maker dreams).  I made two or three in this photo.  The girls and hubby are responsible for the rest.

6.  I started the Cathe's Ab Circuit last week.  I was feeling all proud the day I worked out:  "I'm not as out of shape as I thought!"  Then I woke up the next day.  It was like someone (named Cathe) had beat up my neck, legs, sides and stomach.  I couldn't really move for a good two-three days.  It's going to be a long, if not impossible, road to a six-pack.  I may have to settle for a less wiggly jelly roll. 

7.  I really love Easter.  I really hate Easter egg hunts.  I hate the way some parents behave like it's some sort of life or death mission, I hate that I read in the paper (and got stuck in the traffic) that a freakin' helicopter dropped eggs at one local hunt (WTF?), I hate the whiny kids (usually my own), and I hate it when the kids bring home all the crap that's in the eggs, or if it's candy I hate being tempted more than I already am.  This was the first year Girl 3 was cognizant enough to actually participate in her hunt.  She was the first one out the door and she promptly picked up two eggs.  Then, she did what truly appalled me.  She opened both eggs, didn't like what she saw, closed them both back up and threw them back out into the school yard.  BLECH!  In one fell swoop she increased my hatred for egg hunts.

I do like having an Easter egg hunt in my own backyard and we have done that since Boy Child was a wee one.  This year we decided to just cut all the crap and fill them with money.  We make it really hard (in fact, this year we lost two of the eggs - I had been drinking wine all day - hubby as far as I know had no excuse) and we allow no whining or you forfeit your eggs.  Now, here's the great part.  After the hunt, Girl 1 suggested we have a hunt next year in which the kids will hide eggs for the parents.  Great idea, we said!  I promptly suggested filling the eggs with the kids' dollar bills - collected all year long!  I *can't remember* if the kids agreed.

Start saving, kiddos.  Next year's hunt:  Here I come!


Shannon said...

I hate hate hate cascarones. I used to love them until I taught on the west side. Those kids take it seriously and glitter is horrible stuff. I had scratches all over my head, as in bloody scratches, from the egg shells and the glitter. 7 Easters ff that crap and I am scarred for life. Want to see me loose it? Hit me with a cascarone. Apparently I have egg related PTSD.

I miss the neighborhood hunts even though I agree some parents need to be duct taped to a tree somewhere. We did a hunt in our yard just the boys and one of their friends. Only lost one egg which I found today. It was a quiet but nice Easter.

Monica said...

miss you, friend. looking forward to our christmas since i will dearly miss y'all this summer. i am sorry about your egg ptsd - in all the years i have known you - how did i not know that??? jeesh. good thing my kids never hit you (or me or ed). yikes! i love cascarones. not the clean up, but i love the fights. we had a really nice day. my dad and sister are gone, so just my brother. his kids were gone, so it was quiet, but fun. xoxo to all.

Leigh Powell Hines (Hines-Sight Blog) said...

Happy post Easter. I bet you loved that time alone. I have it right now, and it is bliss.

I just read about cascarones, and then remembered you are in Texas. So interesting, but what a mess!!!

We did our easter egg hunt in the backyard, and they had nothing in them. The kids didn't mind...I was not going to fill them with candy. They just enjoyed being outside with something to do. Poor kids!

Monica said...

@leigh - the alone time was an unexpected treat. after i got all the "work" done i kicked my feet up and drank some beer. it was lovely. love, love, love the idea of JUST EGGS. how great. wish i would have started that way!

Gretchen said...

Cascarones sound Craaaaaaazy!! You get so smash things on people's heads? That makes me want to plan a trip to Texas next Easter

Monica said...

@gretchen - like i said - i love them. the clean up.......not so much. evidenced by the fact that Girl 1 said to me, "mom, when's the last time you washed your hair?" i said, "hmm. not sure. why?" she said, "because you've got glitter all up and down your part." hmm. nice touch. i might not wash my hair for a while.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of cascarones - just not the actual way they are usually deployed.
I never take Dimples to those crazy free-for-all egg hunts. We do one in the back yard just for her. This year, I hid puzzle pieces in them. She had to put together the puzzle and read the message on the back to find her basket.
I spent the friggin' night before trying to put the dang puzzle together myself so I could WRITE the message. I don't know why I come up with these dumb ideas...

Monica said...

@whatimeant2say - okay. totally gonna steal THAT idea. that is genius. i may, however, need back-up since i will have to put together four puzzles (of varying difficulty, write four different messages (one for a kid who can't read yet), and then hide four baskets. okay...i just talked myself out of that. gonna just hide money again.