Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Will this still be okay when it's not my birthday?

Yesterday I celebrated not dying for one more year.  And as an optimistic friend reminded me I'm "one more day closer to death."  Thank you, optimistic friend.

To celebrate this day my kids did everything I asked them the first time, completed their chores without complaining, and I didn't have to lift a finger all day.

And I won a hundred million dollars.

(That didn't happen either.)

What did happen is something that reminded me that on your birthday you are entitled to do the things that maybe all year long you try to limit.  Examples:  eat cake for all three meals, drink a martini at 8:00 a.m., shop till all your credit cards are declined, gab on the phone with all your friends who call while all your work emails go unanswered, etc.

I personally have been trying not to use commas excessively, and, also, more importantly to try to maintain a positive attitude, and not complain.

So, I think you can imagine how this card from Girl 3 made my entire day and might win a contest somewhere for................creativity?

To Mom I hope you have a good bich!  (Thank you!  Done and dunner!)


Shannon said...

Girl 3 is the sweetest thing!!! Happy Birthday girlie!!

Monica said...

thanks, friend! will have to celebrate our birthdays again when you are here!? ;o)

Shannon said...

We will celebrate anything we can think of! Do you think we can talk E into grilling steaks? I think I am still on to come in early before the boys.

Mind Margins said...

Happy birthday, bich and all!

Monica said...

@Shannon - let's have him grill those yummy pork chop things with pineapple and apple again? those were so delish. with cold beer? ;o) @mind margins - thanks! I did a fair bit of bichin' ;o) but now I'm on to the glass is half full again. ;o)

Shannon said...

Porkchops YES!!! I miss pork. Technically you can buy it here but god grief I finally broke down and bought bacon last week. $18 pack of bacon. Maybe the best thing I have ever tasted.