Thursday, January 9, 2014

Does comedy pay well? How about bad comedy?

Me:  This pain in my lower back is awful.  It's radiating down to my thigh now.

Boy Child:  Wow.  That sounds bad.

Me:  (Is this concern?  Is this concern for his mother???)  Yeah, it is.

Boy Child:  So, it's radiating down to your thigh?  And are you sure this pain is not just in your head?

Me:  (Wait.  This does not sound like concern.  This sounds like something else.)  (In my tight lipped impatient mom voice.)  Yes.  I am quite sure it's not in my head.

Boy Child:  Then it sounds like you might need a thighchiatrist.

There it is.


Shannon said...

Dave liked it so that is something, not sure what but something. I think that sounds like boy child needs to do the dishes for the next decade, at least.

jamiew said...

he is officially my fav DLC for the month.

Monica said...

@Shannon - dave decidedly has middle school boy humor....wait....I think we knew that. ;o) @Jamie - if he knew there was an official standing that his comedy gained him, I think he might be able to up his game. not sure we could live with him, but he might be able to do it nonetheless.

Nomads By Nature said...

Very clever for the set up just as much as the punchline... watch out for that one!

Monica said...

@nomads - he's pretty funny. but at this time equally annoying, so if it were a comedy show it would be like half the time I'm laughing, half the time I want my money back and a stiff drink...and a sharp stick with which to poke him. maybe all comedians start out like this?