Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011, you were good...mostly.

Baby has decided it is in her best interest to nap today, so I have about 20 minutes - give or take.  Here is my list for 2011 and if it's cut short you know why.  My list is an eclectic Best Posts of 2011/Things I Am Taking From 2011/Things I Am Leaving Behind/Things I Learned/Other Random Crap Stuff Loosely Related to 2011.  Bear with me - it'll make you more patient.

1.  Lice is next to nuclear war in a list of Things I Might Not Survive. 
2.  Fund raising is not my gig.
3.  Turns out I am kind of a Comment Whore.  It makes me almost giddy when someone comments on something I wrote.  It makes writing on the Internet to no one in particular (besides my future self) kind of worth while.
4.  Turns out I may be addicted to reading other people's blogs.  Before I know it, hours have passed.  Laundry is still piling up, my prints will not do themselves, the food still needs to be cooked, the dishes still need to be done, but I feel a little closer (in a totally voyeuristic way) to someone I do not know at all and will probably never meet.  If that's weird, sue me.
5.  I pray that any remaining vestiges of KK's marriage and divorce, the Royal Wedding, and Steve Jobs' legacy stay in 2011.  But, I also understand that even God has limitations.
6.  I will no doubt ask Dead or Alive? of the following people in 2012:  Kim Jung Il, Heavy D, Andy Rooney, Amy Winehouse, and Betty Ford (yes, it's true - dead).  Let's face it, my memory is that bad.  If you didn't die a few minutes ago - I cannot remember if you are dead.
7.  I will for sure take my kids and hubby into 2012.  Please and thank you.  Oh, and I will take procrastination, too.
8.  The Catholic Church decided to change the words of prayers that I had committed to memory I think since the womb.  I am not sure I forgive them.
9.  Pinterest became like beer and dark chocolate for me.  It remains a "happy place."
10.  Hubby joined the rest of America and the majority of citizens in the developed (and undeveloped) countries on Facebook.  His life now revolves around status updates and I am pretty sure his IQ has dropped 10 points (JUST KIDDING, HUBBY).
11.  2011 was the year I propelled myself into this century by getting a smart phone AND using ear buds....shocking, but true.
12.  I retained my title of Potty Training Nazi by successfully training my fourth (and last - I am Catholic, but not crazy) child to pee and poop in the toilet.  Next my kids will be going to Harvard.
13.  Since I basically skipped my birthday in 2011 due to Black Lung, lice, and appliance issues, I have decided to have a kick a$$ birthday party in 2012.
14.  I remain riveted by world events, deeply concerned about the status (not Facebook status) of America, compassionate about my fellow human beings, and compelled to do my part to make this world a better place.  You just wouldn't know it by reading my blog.

That's my list.  I hate that it's an even number, but I hear baby stirring and that can't be good.  She may be potty trained, but she is still three after all.  Peace and I hope you are with people you love to ring in the new year.


Anonymous said...

As always, your blogs make me smile ... and sometimes, giggle :)
Happy New Year and may God continue to bless you all!
mr. david

Becky said...

Have a great new year! I hope things continue well.

Jae said...

Oh M, I feel the same way about blogs. I love that one of my favorite bloggers is also my awesome friend! :)

Nomads By Nature said...

The happiest wishes for 2012! Your blog has been a joy to read!

Monica said...

@David, thanks for the read and I hope you and yours have an amazing new year! @Becky and nomads - thanks for reading xoxo and many new year blessings. @jae - :-) thanks, friend. xoxo

Shannon said...

Love the list, can't wait to see what fun lists the new year brings. I can't tell you how much i LOVE your blog. I love checking in even when we can't talk, BTW my phone number hasn't changed and does in fact still work.

I asked Dave if I could go to your birthday party, he asked if you could put it off to Christmas time. (Picture me making sad puppy-dog face and him totally ignoring me!)

Have a great new year.

Monica said...

@shannon - i love you! i will blog my birthday and facebook it, so you will feel like you are here (you know i am totally jumping the gun here!!!). i will probably have NO BIRTHDAY party, so don't even worry about it!!! i totally love your blog too and credit you for bringing me into the blogging arena screaming and kicking (and nursing!). we hope you guys have a GREAT new year and we can't wait to see all of you again. xoxoxoxo

jamiew said...

I'm gonna take this as a huge hint to start planning your birthday party...

Shannon said...

GO Jamie! Make her party whether she wants to or not!

LSS said...

Only commenting to fuel your addiction - ha!! It's nice to get feedback so you don't wonder if it all disappeared into "the cloud" ... wherever that is! Thanks for documenting your year, sissy! Happy 2012!

Monica said...

@jw - i will not negate your interpretation of my post. ;o) and since the person i already delegated with the task (d.l.) seems incapable of even dog sitting, you may be My Birthday Party Planner runner-up by default. @sissy - you may need a support group for fueling the addiction of others? 2012 resolution? ;o) xoxoxoxoxo.

Anonymous said...

I am glad I'm not the only one who forgets which celebrities have died. They were doing a montage on the news the other day, and I kept going, "He died? Really? And, she died, too?"

Monica said...

@whatimeant2say - politicians are THE WORST for me. unless it's abe lincoln or george washington, it's always iffy.