Thursday, October 6, 2011

I like you, Joe Corbi. But just as a friend.

This one's going to be short and sweet.  You all know about the Joe Corbi "affair."  I'm back to tell you - we remain friends.  I do, however, have three suggestions for Joe that I think will increase his profits (not really, but I bet people would just like him more).  I have titled my list

My Suggestions to Joe Corbi 

1.  Show all of your items in your glossy next to a Coke can (or a beer can since most moms feel the urge to drink a cold one when it comes to fund raising).  Now, that is not really my idea but a good friends' idea.  Sadly, she does not have a blog, so I will just have to steal her idea for my blog.  Thank you, friend!  Because I really care about you, Joe, I am going to tell you why this would be so helpful.  When I was picking up my items I was frantically searching for what I had ordered (the rest of the people be damned) and I couldn't see my Cheesecake Sampler (which I had considered sampling on the way home).  Turns out it was right in front of my eyes.  Problem was I was looking for a huge box like the one in the glossy.  The box I had was teeny tiny.  I guess that's why you call it a Sampler?  Needless to say, it wasn't sampled on the way home - it was eaten.

2.  Consider a little higher quality for your student fund raising rewards.  Now, I must say I am delighted beyond belief to now have seen a &*%$ Cell Phone Radio with Light.  But, I am positively dreading the day (later this weekend or tonight) when it breaks.  It is CHEAP like a chicken clucking, Joe.  The kind of sad part about that is that I think Boy Child had to sell like 1,546 items to get it.  Just seems to me like you could give back a little. 

3.  Do not make substitutions.  Now, if you read my open letter to you, Joe I hope you got a feel for how hard it is to sell this stuff to good hard working Americans.  And, I also hope you understand that I have to look these people in the eyes every morning when we are leaving for our days.  So, when they order the Ham and Cheese Calzones and actually get the Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches this is a Big Deal.  It just doesn't sit right with any of us.  Please, Joe.  Do whatever you have to do - hire more help in the kitchen (Lord knows the cheesecake sampler maker peeps have a little free time).  Help me keep the few neighbors I have that still will speak to me.

That's it.  I promised short and sweet and I have delivered.  My time with Joe has come to an end, but I like to think we are still friends.  It's been a good ride overall and I look forward to our meeting sometime next year (no, I don't really but that sounded good on my blog).

Have a great weekend, friends.  Know that I will be eating my cinnamon rolls and listening (kind of) to crying about the stupid cell phone thingie breaking and the 18" pencil not really writing and WHY CAN'T WE GET IN A BOX WITH MONEY FLYING AROUND???  Peace.


Shannon said...

LOL! You poor thing. Tiny cheesecake samples, cheesesteak (BLECH) instead of calzones (YUM)????? Crappy prizes? Pretty much everything about fundraisers sucks. Well except girl scout cookies but that is different, they actually taste good.

Monica said...

shannon - i will still be finishing the cheesecake. ;o) small or not! and, yes, girl scout cookies may be the one exception to the rule.