Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sometimes it's just not funny.

These past few weeks of my life have been decidedly "not funny."  So, bear with me as I veer away from my normally caustically sarcastic self and give you just a Plain Post.  If you are against Plain Posts, I will not be offended.  I promise when I am feeling better I will tell you the other more humorous stories milling about in my head.  What the heck has happened to Axel Rose?  My Life in Cleaning Episodes, and some practical parenting tips.   Meanwhile - I am focusing on what makes me in love rather than what makes me want to poke out my eyes out with sharp sticks.  So, here is my melancholy list for today.

What I Love...
1.  When my kids crack me up in a big way and it is totally unexpected and ironic.  Example:  Last night all of my four were having meltdowns of various size and scope AT THE SAME TIME.  Incomprehensibly, I found this hilarious and literally could not stop laughing.  My kids were hurt and disappointed in my lack of compassion (Girl 1's exact words) *bad mommy*.  This only made me laugh harder.
2.  The delightful things.  Girl 1 wrote a story a few nights ago.  She often does this, so I've read many "The Amazing Rabbit," "The Tales of Sammy Squirrel," "The Girl Who Loved Stuffed Animals," ad naseum (kind of because it is darn cute).  The thing that made this one stand out was this:  "About the Author."  And here's what she wrote, "The author lives in San Antonio, Texas.  She is married and has two children.  Writing has always been her passion."  I am not posting the actual text  because I promised (in a fit of weakness) to not post it on Facebook, my blog, or "anywhere else on your computer."  But, isn't that delightful?  Try to read that without smiling.
3.  Enduring love.  Did anyone say love was easy?  If they did, sorry.  I missed it.  It just sounds like something my mom would have said to me, "Y'know, honey, love is not easy.  But enduring love is the best thing.  Ever."
4.  When someone stands up for what is right even though that is sometimes really difficult to do.
5.  That I will catch my mom in my sisters.  I have more sisters than the Jehovah's and I love them all.  I had the chance to see two of them in the same week.  And in the short time we were together I saw glimpses of my mom.  That brings me a lot of comfort and joy.
6.  Halloween.  Best.  Night.  Ever.  (Even though it usually starts with serious family dysfunction and ends with one child in a total and complete sugar high melt-down.  To the ground.)
7.  Cooking ahead of time.  Now, this is a bit Betty Crocker/Martha Stewartish for me but I must admit it has saved me these past few weeks when cooking has really not been my focus.
8.  Reading blogs that make me laugh.  Out loud.  I don't laugh easily and recently I have stumbled upon a blog that really has made me laugh.  Since I've shared many of my favs with you, I will share this one as well.  Thanks bloggers!
9.  Good friends who stay through thick and thin.
10.  and, because I love round numbers.  I really love when someone gives me something to think about.  Here is what I have been thinking about for a few weeks:  What are you doing today that years from now you will look back on and be happy about?  What are you doing today that years from now you will look back on and regret?

That's all I got.  Sorry if it was too straight-laced for you - I will be back to "normal" soon (after menopause is over - JOKING...kind of).  Peace!

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