Thursday, October 20, 2011

Age like Jagger.

In case you missed it:

A few weeks ago hubby showed this to me and asked me to guess who it was.  If you saw it, keep your mouth closed.  If you didn't - take a guess.

I'll tell you my guesses (all wrong).
1.  A burn victim from war.
2.  A pedophile with a mic.
3.  ZZ Top (take your pick).

All No's.  Granted I was looking from the kitchen on to his laptop screen squinting to see, but seriously???  It is Axel Rose.  Yeah.  It is.  Axel Rose from...Guns N' Roses.  So, this just begs the question:  WHAT THE HELL?  So, it was Rio...and it was raining.  But, seriously?  And I LIKE Axel.  In fact, years ago I may have loved him.  I have pinned him for God's sake (a MUCH more flattering version of him). 

So.  What I said to Axel then and what I say to him now is this:  Axel, take a lesson from the professional ager below.

We all know who this is.

Hawttie.  That is not only an older man than Axel rockin' some skinny jeans, a green shirt AND a green Hugh Hefner jacket, that is one hot man with some moves like butta'. 

I have added to my daily prayers.  Dear God:  Please let me age like Jagger and not Rose.  Amen.