Monday, February 4, 2013

Going for a world record.

I haven't blogged in a while because Girl 1 is turning 10 in a couple weeks.  And remember - we do 10 big in this family?  And, after the amazing success of Boy Child's 10th (and by "amazing success" I mean: I didn't burn anything, everything I made fairly resembled what it was supposed to, and all children made it safely back to their own parents), I am kinda feeling pressured.  I started to plan late and my ideas are nonexistent.  So, here's the skinny.  Maybe you guys can help.

Girl 1 wants a ladybug theme.  Again.  For the fourth (or is it fifth?) time.  She absolutely loves ladybugs.  It's weird.  And kind of creepy.  But, she does.  They're cute, but reallyFour times?  And for the 10th birthday?  But, alas - it is her birthday not mine, so we're doing it.  We are combining ladybug theme with sweet shoppe theme.  How do you do that, you ask?  I don't freakin' know.

Here's what I have so far that I love.  What will actually make it to the party - it's anybody's guess.
These are the super cute invitations I bought today that are kind of lady-bugish?  (That's all I really have so far besides grandiose ideas.)
I know.  It's a long shot.  Mine will probably look like murder balls, but one can hope, right?

From  I've made these before and they are fairly easy, so I figure I'm good with this one.  I'm going to do red with black sprinkles.
From  This is my sweet shoppe idea.  I want to put some red and black candies in clear jars?  How hard can that be?  Except, of course, black licorice.  Because it tastes like crap?

I'm abnormally nervous about more than four children in my house with nothing specific to do, so of course I have researched a craft because Girl 1 also loves crafting.  I found these.  Which are incredibly cute and also incredibly labor intensive.  So, these might not make it to the party.  I am going to do a trial run this weekend.  If I never blog again - it will be because I was eaten by the wicked witch of crafting everywhere.
This is way above my level.  What's my level? paper.
And, lastly I found these things called, "Fluffy black decorations" at Party City and I kinda love them.  A lot.  I also love their name.  It's like I named them.  The person who named them was all, "I'm really tired from inventing these and so let's just name them 'fluffy decorations.'"  I want to get black and red fluffy decorations and lots of black and red balloons.

And, games.  I have thought of two games.  Don't laugh.  It took me a long time to think of two.  First game:  Guess how many red and black M&M's are in the jar.  Second game:  Scramble up a bunch of candy names and have the girls unscramble them.  If you guys have some great games for 10 year old girls related to ladybugs or candy (because I know that's really common) - please send them my way!

Wish me luck this weekend friends.  And if my creation is not complete crap maybe I'll post it.  Cheers!


Nomads By Nature said...

Paint lady bug paper weight rocks. You just have to find the rocks - and size is great as long as it has an ovalish shape, red and black paint, brushes, and then when dry paint a protective layer of craft sealant (not sure what the real name is but it is like thick glue and dries clear to protect the paint from being chipped later). You just need to start the first layer of paint (red) at the first thing so it can dry for later adding the black line down the middle, the little flair at the but, the head, and the dots. For variety, ladybugs also come in orange and yellow, too. I did this project with my Pre-Ks and they loved it - super easy. 10 year olds should be able to do it with minimal supervision which is sweet!

cb said...

buy a bag of real lady bugs and have them make tiny outfits and have a lady bug fashion show or a drag race since boy lady bugs are well lady bugs i sure this is in no way helpful but i felt a little sarcasm after i read your blog hmmmmm wonder why

Monica said...

@cb - hahahahahaha! oh, girly you just made me snort! @nomads - that, my friend, is a fabulous idea and i love it. the reason i am not doing it is because one of girl 1's very BFFs had cancer and we all made her garden stones that were ladybugs with our favorite scriptures/quotes/words on them. so, basically everyone coming to the party has done it and one girl already has about 100 of them!!! but, i do LOVE this idea and it may make the cut anyway!

Nomads By Nature said...

A garden with hundreds of ladybug stones with uplifting messages sounds just wonderful - what an awesome idea to do for a friend facing cancer.

jamiew said...

i don't have any ladybug game ideas that don't involve drinking...maybe you could play some after the party!
sounds like a blast, especially the "fluffy black decorations," i might need some, just because.

Monica said...

@jamiew - oh my gosh. don't you just want to decorate your whole house with different colored fluffy things? i love them.

WeezaFish said...

Ooo ooo, I have a recipe somewhere for Ladybird buns! Their just round buns wrapped in red rolling icing, and decorated with spots etc. Looking for your email address, emailing you picture ...

WeezaFish said...

Nooo can't find your email. Can I have it pretty please? or I'll just chase you on Twitter with pics of 'Ladybird Buns' (which now sounds rude for some reason).

Anonymous said...

ARE there black M&M's?!!! I totally want those. Good luck with the party. It looks great!

Monica said...

@weeza - email:!!! i got some really great tips yesterday from the lady we have taken the cookie classes from. i am now confident in my ability to make both the cookies i want AND the cake pops. that i am confident - is a bit scary. ;o) @whatimeant2say - i am going to party city tomorrow with girl 1. when we were there before our halloween party there were indeed black m&m's. i am hoping to find them tomorrow. will keep you posted. :D