Monday, February 18, 2013

I pulled it off with little real skills and you can too!

So, in case any moms out there are asked by their daughters for a ladybug/sweet shoppe party and your baking/organizing/preparing skills are about a "2" on a scale from 1- 10 - you have come to the right place! 

I did it, y'all.  And I am still alive to tell about it.  No one was burned (namely because I opted against having hot glue guns), no one vomited from consuming too much candy (although that one was a close call), hubby said I was getting to be "quite the party planner" (thanks, hubby - I'll take that as a compliment), I managed to take some photos for y'all, and most importantly - everyone seemed to have a good time.

You can see the invitations I picked up at Hobby Lobby here.  Because it's kind of hard doing ladybug theme with a 10 year old.  Most ladybug themes are geared toward toddlers.

The fluffy decorations were a huge hit.  You can buy them in a huge variety of colors at Party City or online.  Although, not at Hobby Lobby where the saleswoman looked at me like I was daffy when I asked her if they sold "fluffy decorations."  She said, "Ma'am, that's great, but what are they really called."  She then eyed me suspiciously when I said (a little louder), "FLUFFY DECORATIONS."  I love balloons - so, of course, I also got red and black balloons. 
I can't find anyplace in my house that provides a nice white background for photos, so here are some of my fluffies against a weird combination of colors.
We got 20 balloons, but if I had the money I would have gotten 100.
The other "decorations" were the candy jars.  The turned out really great and I liked them.  I put some money into the containers, but happily I can use them again for our annual Halloween party.  And, yes, that is a the large bucket of Papa Dean's popcorn in the background - flavor (Girl 1's and momma's favorite) - CHOCOLATE.  Some of the popcorn also went home with each girl in the treat bags - to enjoy after the party.

The Wonka lollies were for the prizes.  Most of the containers and the candies I got at Party City.
We played a few games that the girls really seemed to like.  We played the Guess How Many game that seems quite common at sweet shoppe parties I read about online.  I just had the girls write down how many candies they thought were in one of the jars.  I also hid a tiny candy that was different in four of the jars of candy and they had to find it.  That one was not too successful because the girls screamed out each time they found the candy - so then all the girls knew.  Doh.  (Ten year old girls really like to scream.)  We played Sweet Shoppe bingo from this great post.  It downloaded and copied beautifully and the girls really liked this game.  I used cinnamon dots for the markers.  And we also played a game where I had them hold some cinnamon dots on a spoon in their mouth and "race" to fill up their team's jar.  Again, I didn't think this one out well enough and it ended up being a laughing game with cinnamon dots ALL OVER the floor.  Ah, well.  If giggling is evidence of liking something - the girls liked it.  And, the last game we played was a candy name scramble.  I scrambled 10 candy names and they figured them out.  That one was really fun and the girls liked it.

We were going to make the cute little purses that I posted a while back, but because both my girls got burned making them I decided just to make them and give them out. Instead, Girl 1 decided she wanted to make cake pops. It was a great choice. I made the cake pop chocolate balls that morning and the girls then decorated them. They weren't much to look at, but they were SUPER YUMMY. I actually think I might be on my way to making yummy and beautiful pops.

And there's the popcorn and one cake pop.
So, we gave purses and cookies for the "treat bags," and of course loads and loads of the leftover candy.  Here are some other photos in case you ever need ideas for a similar party. 

I got these super cute candy bags at Party City, too.
And another shot of the cookies because - yes - I am proud.

These are the bags me and my girls made for everyone.  You can see a better photo here.  And you can find the link to make them on my Ladybug/Sweet Shoppe Pinterest board.  
All in all it was super fun. Girl 1 had a blast and I hope her friends loved it, too.  With so little skills and original ideas - I love to see what other people have done.  So, if there is one person out there who is less creative than I am - here you go!  


Leigh Powell Hines said...

Those cookies turned out great. Really nice.

Monica said...

Thanks, Leigh! I really had fun and thought everything came out pretty good.

Nomads By Nature said...

Monica, I know exactly why your child keeps asking for a LadyBug Themed Party. I want one too now. So what are you going to do for the LB theme next year? I'd start planning now, because this year's one is gonna be hard to top!

Monica said...

You're kind - Nomads! Girl 1 will not get another big party until she graduates - so I am off the hook for her for a while. :D We do parties for the kids up until kindergarten and then 10 and then graduation and that's it. So, next year I have Girl 2 turning 10 and we have Girl 3's 5th birthday. I have no idea what the themes will be, but with my skills improving day by day - I must say I'm a little excited (dorky - I know). :D

Anonymous said...

I think you need to invite me to Girl 2's party next year!

Monica said...

@whatimeant2say - consider THIS your invitation! the cap'n firepants family is welcome at my home anytime. i am not sure how bandit would take wb, but it's worth a shot (and the amusement that would most likely ensue).