Sunday, February 10, 2013

Crafting didn't kill me. But there's still a chance.

So, I'm getting ready for Girl 1's 10th birthday Ladybug/Sweet Shoppe extravaganza.  And for me it's a challenge.  I am both crafting and baking impaired, and I have four kids.  The crafting and baking involved in birthday parties held at home can be especially problematic.  And, Girl 1 chose a theme that basically is not a theme....anywhere....on the Internet or IRL.  (Of course.) 

I promised I'd post the No Sew Ruffled Tote that I made yesterday if it was not crap.  Here it is. 

Girl 1 is in love with the tote.  And I must admit, I surprised myself.  I only burned one of my kids.  And, only once.

We will not be doing this as a craft during the party, though as I originally thought.  I really want my kid to have friends after the party, so I thought it would be bad protocol to burn all the girls at the party with hot glue guns (that and the party is only three hours and it took eight hours for me to make this).

Not dead yet!
So, guess who has five more days to make nine more No Sew Ruffled Totes?!


Shannon said...

It looks great but hot glue.....OWIE!!!!

Monica said...

girl 1 acted like her hand was cut off. i told her to "buck up." but, i didn't think that was entirely appropriate for girls that i don't know that well. ;o)

jamiew said...

you need to get that kiddie sweat shop running.
(next time you need to get our kids off the bus, i will totally let you put mine to work.)

WeezaFish said...

It looks beautiful Monica, high five! Put the glue gun away though. No go on, put it up somewhere safe where the kids (and you) can't reach it.

Anonymous said...

That is so cute! Did you finish the rest? Geez, what kind of Martha Stewart Crafting Pills are you taking? You're on a roll!