Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The results are in. My kids are the wittiest.

Election conversation of the day (possibly the century):

Girl 1:  Mom, I kinda feel sorry for Gary Johnson.
Me:  Gary Johnson who?
Girl 1:  See?

Oh my gawd

In my defense, we were not even talking politics.  And, later I had to explain what libertarians believe.  Cheesus, I'm glad that's over.


jamiew said...

pre-coffee, i had to google it
pre-coffee, i have to google most things

Shannon said...

Post-coffee, way post-coffee like 4 in the afternoon post-coffee I had to google it. I blame homeschooling brain drain and AFN Fox news overload. AFN really needs to find another news source, perhaps one that actually reports the news rather than severely skewed commentary.

WeezaFish said...

Gary who?? Sorry, but in SA we only heard the names Obama and Romney. There was one mention, on a news report a couple of weeks ago of a mysterious female candidate ... but she was never mentioned again :)

Monica said...

gary johnson - libertarian candidate. jill stein - green party candidate. what i didn't post was the REST of the conversation. it went like this: girl 1: BTW, what's a libertarian? me: um. well, y'know how democrats are traditionally fiscally and socially liberal and republicans are socially and fiscally conservative? girl 1: (eyes glazed over). me: well, libertarians are.........fiscally conservative and socially liberal............wait. fiscally liberal and socially conservative...........wait. what did i say about democrats and republicans? girl 1: mom, you have no idea, right? me: yes. girl 1: should i ask dad? me: yes. please.