Friday, November 9, 2012

Exactly what she said.

I try not discuss politics or religion because they both piss me off.  But, I've been kinda bummed lately.  Facebook is my BFF and before the election it turned into a venomous hate-spewing creature of the evil mother-in-lawish type (not mine because I love my MIL).  So, for the weeks leading up to the election - I just chose to log on a little less and actually do something around the house (or work, God forbid).

After the election I was happy because I thought that crap making me want to vomit in my mouth would be gone.  But, no.  All I see now are a lot of sanctimonious, self-righteous shiz about Armageddon and the world ending.

It makes me kinda sad.  Sad because my BFF is not my BFF anymore and sad because people can be so shallow.

I can't write about any of this myself because I am not a great writer when it comes to things that actually matter (I can only write about poopy bottoms and dysfunctional families and then only to the 8th grade level). 

But, a great thing happened today when I logged into Facebook.  One of my most amazing friends' husband (and he's pretty amazing, too) had posted this on my wall. 

It's really well worth the read - whoever you voted for (and yes, I know I ended that with a preposition - apparently that kind of grammar comes after 8th grade).  I realize this blogger has like half the world for readers and I have like two readers, but I wanted to post the link anyway.  In case you need some perspective (or more likely - since all of my readers are AWESOME - you know someone who needs more perspective).

Because it's kinda like I felt when Steve Jobs died.  Perspective, people.  Really.  It's all about perspective and not losing your shiz.

Have a great weekend!  And hopefully I will have my BFF back soon and I can write a post of my own (course, it won't be nearly as good, but it will be mine).


Mind Margins said...

That was a really great post, and I could not have said it any better. Thank you so much for sharing. I, too, was saddened at some of the comments on Facebook these past few months, but they were nothing compared to some of the comments I read immediately after the election results came in. Many of us have forgotten how to remain civil and respectful when things don't go our way, and others have forgotten how to behave when they do, so this has been a good lesson for all of us.

Monica said...

@mind margins - sooo true. i thought it was a really well written post. and, yes - i agree. we ALL need this lesson. losers and winners alike. and, we are really all winners because we live in a free country. thanks for your great comments! (all the time - not just today :o)

WeezaFish said...

Really good post, thanks for sharing it lady. Speaking from Africa, where we're stuck with a corrupt, criminal President with many wives for at least another two years! Hope you and Facebook make it up soon. After all, it wasn't Facebooks fault ...

Monica said...

@weeza - you are welcome. i admit i never heard of this lady, but i read some of her other posts and i really, really liked 'em. i might have to stalk her now. damn it! i might never get off the internets. ;o) oh, and i've been meaning to THANK YOU HUGE for all your retweets. you are awesome. i don't think i've ever been retweeted, so thanks!