Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I'm Mrs. DayintheLife and I approve this message.

In the spirit of patriotism (and really just because if one more person calls me at dinner time to persuade me to vote a certain way - I might poke eyes out with sharp sticks)...I bring you:

Ways in which I am similar to those currently running for office.

1.  I frequently need to be fact-checked.
2.  I *might* have taken money from the kids' college fund to pay for more urgent needs (like food).
3.  I have four small people to govern, but often cater to only a certain percentage of them.
4.  I often travel all day just to make a stump speech trying to convince the undecideds that I am the candidate they want to trust, believe, and rally around.
5.  I seem to govern two major factions.  One of these factions agrees with me and supports me most of the time.  The other faction directly opposes me in nearly every decision I make.
6.  I've been accused (by those who oppose me) of being cold and insensitive.
7.  I tend to be long-winded when arguing a point and could use a little debate practice.
8.  My work environment can be hostile and I rarely make a decision that everyone can support.
9.  When I am talking about allowances, money I owe the kids, etc., etc., and they question my fuzzy numbers, I often claim, "GUYS!  It would take me too long to go through all the math." 
10.  Often times when people ask me a question I talk, and talk, and talk, and talk and then my time is up and I did not come close to answering their question.

Jim Lehrer:  Mrs. DayintheLife, your two minutes are up.


jamiew said...

where can i get my yard sign & who is your running mate?

Leigh Powell Hines said...

I am sick of the calls. I can't stand it.

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha! #9 totally cracked me up. Great Ryan reference.

What faction supports you? The only supporting faction in my household is the spiders and lizards I keep saving from Firepants Family Extermination. And they are, unfortunately, not allowed to vote.


Monica said...

@jamiew - or might i say, "dubbya?" you're hired. you are my new running mate. your first task: design a sign. @leigh - when some poor soul gets hubby, hubby says, "i'm not hanging up until you give me your home phone number so i can call you during dinner." #embarrassing. @whatimeant2say - well, y'know the polls are different everyday. some days the "right" supports me (boy child and baby), some days the "left" supports me (girls 1 and 2). today the polls were pretty bleak and i found i might not make it to election day.

jamiew said...

i'll run with you, but i'm not sure i would make it through the vetting process