Saturday, October 13, 2012

I never win stuff, but when I do it's usually of cosmic importance.

So, I'm blogging quickly this morning to tell you basically that - I'm a winner!  And you can, too!  Not really.  You can't be a winner because I already won!  But, I liked the way that worked.

Anyway!  I won something y'all!  And it's wacky and I think all the planets aligned to make me win (or there was corruption and bribery involved - either way it's epic).

I have been meaning to blog about these delish spinach muffins I started making about a month ago.  I got them off of Pinterest and I was delighted when they tasted pretty good and got Girl 3 to eat spinach. 

My kids *might* be spawn of Popeye because they are some spinach lovin' kids.  Weird, right?  Except for Girl 3 She hates spinach and if you try to put it on her tongue she gags like you are water boarding her. 

Now, that Girl 3 should be the exception should come as no surprise if you are a regular reader.  She's typically the exception (as in:  None of my kids have been hospitalized, except Girl 3.  None of my kids have gone to the principal's office for behavior, except Girl 3.  None of my kids have ever participated in clocking someone on the head with a wooden ironexcept Girl 3, etc., etc.). 

Not only was Girl 3 eating spinach for the first time ever, these muffins were healthy enough for hubby and me to eat without having to starve ourselves for the rest of the day! 

So, since these spinach muffins were a hit, I figured this Weelicious gal was on to something.  So, I decided to give this blog a second look and I found another recipe that we all love and can all eat!  I had been using an ancient pumpkin apple muffin recipe for years (I think I got it from Moses), and although delicious and popular, it's loaded with sugar and gooiness.  The kids love those muffins, but hubby and I really can't eat them without having to then run a marathon.  So, baking them is a huge risk.  The Weelicious pumpkin apple muffins are tasty and fairly healthy!

Then, the stars aligned.

I found out gradually that this Weelicious lady is someone really famous.  Her blog has like eight million readers and she's been on TV a gazillion times touting her recipes and such.  Apparently I was the only person on earth who hadn't heard of her.  I hate to not know about food bandwagons, so I started reading this Weelicious lady's blog a lot.  And I got some other good stuff.  THEN, sweet Heidi over at Girl to Mom had a giveaway. 

Guess what the giveaway was?


You guessed it!  My copy came in the mail yesterday.  Thank you, Girl to Mom.

I will no doubt be trying some new stuff. 

That's it for now, friends.  I have to go.  This week has been a small taste of Hell.  I have a ton of work (which is all good) and of course only when I have a ton of work do ridiculous things happen to me that require blogging.  I dropped my drawers while running (accidentally), I have two new yard signs for my campaign, my fabulous hair dresser pulled me back into my twenties, my credit card and one of my Halloween pumpkins were stolen (only one was used for fraud), and my pricey pre-cancerous eyeball caused me to have to pay for an otherwise insurance covered eye exam.  I think all of that happened in one week.

Stay tuned, friends.  You are bound to have a laugh soon at my expense.  And, please, have a delightfully witchy weekend.


Mind Margins said...

Congrats on your win! I love winning stuff, even if it's worthless (you can tell I'm a former teacher--we'll take anything off your hands, even if we don't need it), but your prize sounds awesome. The saddest part of your blog: reading that someone stole one of your pumpkins. Damn hoodlums! I'm assuming it was stolen right off your front porch, too. People will steal anything. So sad.

Monica said...

@mind margins - ha! aren't we teachers like that? YOU'RE RAFFLING OFF A PILE OF SH*T I DON'T WANT OR NEED??? I WANT TO ENTER TO WIN! ;o) yeah - right off my front porch. :o( and i thought of your fourth of july post. it ticked me off and i thought about it more than the CREDIT CARD. crazy people, eh? i haven't bought anymore pumpkins and usually i buy one for each kid. :o(

Anonymous said...

Wow- congratulations. I guess I better check out Weelicious. Sorry about your credit card and your pumpkin. I hope it was the pumpkin that was used for fraudulent purposes, and not the credit card.

Monica said...

whatimeant2say - y'know i was more pissed about the pumpkin. it was stolen off my FRONT PORCH??? my credit card was used in new york at a best buy for a $900 and something transaction. WTH??? yeesh. weelicious is pretty good. oh, and girl 1 told me (after reading the entire book jacket), "she used to be a model. now she's a mom and a COOK. did you know that was even possible, mom?" ouch. so i guess i'm no model or cook? ;o)

Shannon said...

I need an appointment with the hairdresser, my hair seriously hasn't seen scissors since I was in Kenya last November. It looks awful and is driving me flipping apeshit!!!! I want to get it done before Dave arrives and surprise him.

Congrats on winning!

Monica said...

@shannon - well right now i am waiting on color - i didn't have time to spare at my last appointment. and i think i am going to have to tell her that this cut is not working out for me. it's not that it's a bad cut, it's just that i am an incompetent, lazy f*ck who CANNOT DO HER HAIR. yeesh. bless her heart. she showed me EXACTLY how to do it, but when i do it it looks crappy. so, i may have REALLY short hair the next time you see me. ;o)

Elle said...

Yay, Monica! Congratulations! I love the website and will have to check out the book. =)

I can't believe someone would steal a freaking pumpkin. I had a Halloween decoration that I would stick in the front yard and somebody walked off with it. I still curse them every Halloween for that. =)

Monica said...

aw! thanks for the read @elle. :D i was so pissed about the pumpkin. i haven't even bought anymore. :o( don't know if i will either. hex to all those halloween thieves, right? ;o)

Leigh Powell Hines said...

Congrats. Great post. Look up Peas and Thank you, too. A friend of mine has all her books, and cooks a lot of her things.