Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Gaming Party, Part III (only two and half months late)

I promised to check back at some point and give you the full Monty on the Gaming Party that happened here in December.  Since I am rapidly going through the kids' Easter candy and procrastinating in other areas of my life, I decided now is the perfect time!  If you are new, you can click back here or here to see how the party evolved.  It was Boy Child's 10th birthday party and we went all out.  It was so much fun. 

Two super easy decorations I used were balloons (in angry bird colors) and the FREE download for "Appy Birthday" that you can get here.  I had it printed at a printer so that I didn't use all my printer ink and it was still inexpensive.  I made the photo extra large so that you could see the apps that are between each letter.  So cute!  It looked good hanging on our wall, but once you print it and the corresponding apps there are many other things you could do with it (the link shows another cute idea for a mantle). 

I love balloons at a party and I would have done more, but BUDGET!
I enlarged this a LOT so you could see the apps that are in between the letters.

I think I posted cupcake photos already, but just in case you missed them, here are the finished cupcakes. 

We had the Games2you truck come out.  The boys loved it.  We had the game truck and laser tag.  It was a huge hit.

Game truck in the front.

 And laser tag in the back.

Boy Child got an iTouch for his birthday and he was pretty happy.  So, I could not resist this photo of two of my all-time favorite guys.

I would rate this party as one of our all-time best.  I am anxious to out-do it!  And, the best part?  Here's what it looked like the next day:

All children sound asleep.  Ahh.  Can you say "party success?"


Shannon said...

I LOOOVE the cupcakes. Glad it was a success. I can't wait for his 11th birthday, even though I know it isn't a party year C will be there! YAY! We can have some fun. Maybe a chimenea????????? PLEASE????????

Alos you want to try skyping or face timing this weekend? FaceTime usually works better but not sure if you have the app.

Let me know!

Monica said...

thanks! they were pretty darn cute. yes - let's have a fire AND go somewhere with the foodies. melting pot? or that place with the flying knives? and, yes. let's skype. is facetime on the iTouch? how do i do it? is it free? i need to really figure skype out. so far it's been totally unsuccessful.

Shannon said...

Ummmm....I don't know. I'll get Dave to help he is the computer guru! (Feeling a little blonder than usual right now.)

Leigh Powell Hines (Hines-Sight Blog) said...

I just had a funny thought. I would love to see your gift budget. With four kids, I bet you all get invited to some parties, and it can really add up. That's totally off topic today, but what a cute party.

Monica said...

@leigh ha! funny you should mention it. as disorganized as i tend to be - i am a HUGE budgeter. we really limit the parties they can go to and they know this. we try to say - CLOSE friends and one to two "others" (classmates who invite the whole class, or friends from their outside activities). we have a strict $15.00/friend budget. i would love to spend more on their closest friends, but with four kids it adds up QUICKLY and we just cannot afford to. we also limit our kids' parties (i have caught a LOT of grief about this from family and friends). we only have these parties after kindergarten: 10 yrs., possibly 13 (haven't decided yet), and either 15 (which is traditional for hispanic girls) or 16, and graduation. i absolutely do not promote this method. ;o) it's just what we do. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Great theme. I love the cupcakes. And it definitely looks like everyone was worn out - always a sign of success!

Monica said...

@whatimeant2say - yes! sleeping kids the next day - through LUNCH - is ALWAYS a good sign. ;o) i had FIVE of them crashed (and hubby upstairs crashed) and one dog that isn't mine...all crashed. if that doesn't spell success, i don't know what does. ;o)