Sunday, March 11, 2012

Can I get an Amen?

Stick a fork in me!  I am DONE.  The walls are now a lovely "Orange Cream," the bunk beds are ordered and should be here in 14 days, the fabric is all HERE and waiting to be made into curtains and comforters (Don't worry - not by me.  By a professional.), I am going to order mattresses tonight, I have selected the organizers I want at Target and will get them Monday, AND hubby is STILL talking to me!  Oh, did I say I am we are dead broke?  We are!  But, it's a good dead broke (at least that's what I'll tell hubby).

I am giving you a bad photo of the paint. 
In a moment of weakness, hubby even agreed to replace the ceiling fan which has been broken for years!  
Just know that the lighting in our house is similar to the lighting in Medieval castles (minus the castle), and my painting is really, really uneven and just plain bad.  I will take photos in a few weeks when (I hope) we are completely done and the girls have a re-done room.  I kinda want to be like Design on a Dime and give you a budget breakdown, too.  Why?  Because I am a freak like that.

Lastly, I thought I would give you a hypothetical/helpful list since I have shortchanged you for a few days now.  I like to call this:

A Painting Precautionary Tale:

1.  While mom is painting, some kids might break into their Easter treats and ink (with ink pads that some lunatic mom bought them for their Easter baskets) on the living room carpet (which was part of a pricey living room redesign a few years back).
2.  Someone might drink a lot of beer from the fridge under the guise of "getting the job done."
3.  The three year old might move all her furniture (quite dangerously and with superhuman strength) into the middle of her room and spread all of her blankets next to the walls so that she can start "her painting."
4.  The kids might avoid mom for days because mom stinks and is scary because mom has not showered or dressed in non-painting clothes for longer than they are able to remember.
5.  While mom is painting, dinner one night might be "leftovers."  When there are no actual leftovers.
6.  Hubby might text one day after mom has texted him to "check out the painting."  His text might read:  "looks good but im high."

(Not that any of this happened to me.)



Nomads By Nature said...

Totally cracking up with your list!!! Have so been there on painting jobs: beer, fumes, lackachangaclothes, and culinary magic! Best paint job? A GREAT friend halled her hubs over after work to shame mine and have a painting party complete with video for kids and delivery pizza. It was fun, painless, joyful and actually came out well! Looking forward to your final reveal - know it will be awesome!

LSS said...

Check out Heloise's Tips for painting in today's paper -- JUST IN TIME for your job!!! Maybe you'll have to start a column like hers ... or ... wait a minute, is that what this is???

raynbo said...

so did you do ceiling same color as walls? Easier? Are all your rooms done that way as opposed to white? Just wondered as I'm getting around to painting (for last 3 years) and also, is your fan the same color?????

Leigh Powell Hines (Hines-Sight Blog) said...

Painting is hard. It's a time consuming task. I wouldn't know from experience, but my husband has painted rooms's a big process.


Monica said...

@nomads - ha! love that story! i am so looking forward to being done, too. :o) @my sissies - THIS is my heloise. ;o) ceilings in the whole house are off-white. we've never painted them. the fan in the girls' room is white and i am looking for another white one to replace it. the beds we ordered are wood with white wash. @leigh - i am just happy to be DONE. ;o)

jamiew said...


Anonymous said...

Oh no! I think hubby needs to completely revise his comment! You need appreciation and gratitude, girl, and you're not going to get it from the kids!