Friday, March 9, 2012

Shortest blog post ever.

So, I am almost done.......with ONE room.  One week for one room.  Clearly I would never make it as a professional painter.  It's not as bad as I thought it would be.  A second coat really does hide a lot (of screw-ups).  Meanwhile I have not really cooked, blogged, caught up on my blog-reading, bathed (just kidding...kind of), done much laundry, shopped, done bills, worked, or cleaned.  As you can surmise, my family is really anxious for me to BE DONE.  I hope to have a longer and more witty post for you when I am done.  Cheers!  And, have a great weekend.


jamiew said...

this experience has brought the term "baby steps" to a new level.
(BTW: I love the color)

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to put before and after pictures!

Shannon said...


Monica said...

@jamiew - i am learning slowly, friend. i *might* be learning how to "hang stuff on the walls" (which apparently is another skill only done by professionals. @whatimeant2say and shannon - more pics to come when ms. m. is done with the drapes and bedding and we get the girls organizers. i am way more excited than i should be. ;o)