Sunday, November 13, 2011

Birthday Bash Planning Begins

We are Mean Parents that don't do birthday parties for our kids after their kindergarten birthday party.  As I have said many times, we live within a TIGHT budget and all-and-out parties for four kids every year along with Christmas, summer vacations, and just-because presents can get REALLY pricey QUICKLY.  So, we made a deal (hubby and I) years ago when our son was turning five that the sixth birthday would be the last big party for our kiddos.  Then we would have another big party for 10 and another big party for graduation (assuming they do graduate.....kidding.....kind of).  I am telling you all of this because my son has not had a party in four years and I get to plan one NOW!  He will turn 10 on December 17, and I am beyond excited and he is pretty excited as well. 

He loves all things technological and he loves gaming.  As much as I discourage this (yes, I am more for actual play in the real world), I realize we have a teeny tiny house and I admit I've not the foggiest idea on where to start on entertaining 10 to 15 nine year old boys.  So, I have succumbed and he is getting Games2U for his party.  After securing the game truck, I decided I better start the actual planning:  the invitations, the decorations, the menu, the favors, the cupcakes/cake, etc.

I have found yet another wonderful use for Pinterest and I have pinned some pretty cool stuff.  If you have a burning desire - check out my video game birthday party board.  My son was in love with the invitations I pinned.  But, they were not cheap.  Our budget for the party is not huge and the gaming truck has taken a large chunk of it, so I decided to get on Microsoft Publisher and just do our own.  I used the basic idea from the invitation I pinned, but inserted pictures he picked.  Since I am considerably technology impaired and it only took me about an hour, I am pretty damn proud of it.  As soon as I send it to the printers I will post a picture here. 

My next step will be making some of these awesome Angry Birds decorations.  This site was so great, helpful, and just cute.   

I realize this post is a little All About Me/Us/Me, but I just can't help it.  It kinda feels like I am turning 10 again and since I don't really remember the first time - I can't help being just a little excited.  :o)         


Shannon said...

Are you going to make Angry Bird cup cakes? Tell me you are going to make Angry Bird cupcakes!

Have fun! The boys are now at the age when I started refusing to have Dakota's birthday parties at the house. Laser Quest! They do the set up clean and all you have to do is order pizza and bring cake!

Monica said...

well, we thought about laser quest. for the price this games2u thing is about the same (plus we still have to do food) am going to check out the website now. i found some super cute angry bird stuff and i will be pinning my invitations (which i am probably too proud of) later today - i hope. :o) m. said last night (very sadly), "i wish i could invite colin." it about made me cry. :o((( am posting all the crap so i will feel like you guys are here. ;o) xoxoxoxo

Becky said...

I hope he has great time. Sounds like a lot of fun.

Shannon said...

I wish we could be there! Colin said the same thing back in Sept when he turned 10. Going to go mop up the tears now and get back to work.

We really gotta set up the face time (on iPhone/ipad/apple computer it works better than Skype) or set up Skype for the boys. Then my nasty boys can show off their dratted snakes (YES PLURAL) to M and the girls without the nasty things being anywhere near you. The tortoise has escaped again, he is smarter than the snakes, but I am sure it is only a matter of time before he shows up again.

Awesome Triplets said...

I'm excited too! (can parents come?!! Holy cow!!

On a snarky, sarcastic note: Uh, thanks for upping the boys' expectations for their 10th birthday party. :p NOT! ;)

Monica said...

@jessica - parents CAN come!!! just NO GIRLS. ;o) (that from m.) today he said the girls could not do laser tag and when they just said, "okay," he quickly said, "okay - you can do it." i was SHOCKED. i feel silly for being this excited and i really hope it turns out good. i hope even more that he can stop acting like the devil so that i don't actually TAKE HIS PARTY AWAY BEFORE IT EVEN HAPPENS. ;o)