Saturday, February 25, 2012

Netflix: You win.

Apparently Netflix reads my blog.  Or, it could be that I have an amazing and talented (at what - we don't know yet) friend who recommended such a great show that I have to write a post about it.  Please and thank you - - this recommendation is that awesome.

A good friend and loyal blog reader, whose identity will remain protected, (Master of:  jewelry, fashion, and her pantry.  Not a master of: baking) recently suggested hubby and I watch Lilyhammer - a Netflix production.  Now, as you know, hubby and I have odd taste when it comes to TV and movies.  We are hard to please and I am notoriously bad about picking loser shows.  So, when it comes to taking people's recommendations I am a little gun shy.  I don't usually do it.  But, it was a boring Friday night, so we decided to watch it.

If you have not watched it, it is Fargo meets Goodfellas and I am in love.  I am not being paid by Netflix to write this, but I should be.  Lilyhammer stars Steven Van Zandt.  I never watched Sopranos, so I really was not that familiar with him.  What a shame because I love him.  In a nutshell, Van Zandt plays a mobster who testifies against a mob boss and ends up in Lillehammer, Norway in witness protection where he acculturates quite nicely.  He reminds me of hubby because he is a guy who could benefit from some anger management and who uses muscle to gently persuade people, but at his heart he is a lovable character.  The humor of the show is dry and mostly situational not forced (perfect for me).  I laughed so hard I snorted (which usually indicates a winner for me) and the storyline is just unpredictable enough to keep you watching.

That's all I am going to say about it because if you click the link above you can have almost the entire show without Netflix.  Thank you, friend for a good tip.

I would be remiss if I did not also mention one more show that hubby and I have fallen in love with.  Thanks to a comment from Leigh after I was bi&*%ing about a TV show I love being cancelled, hubby and I are now addicted to TV's Person of Interest.  With Jim Caviezel as one of the stars, there is plenty of eye candy and there is an amazing plot that makes you think as an added bonus.  Thank you, Leigh for a fabulous recommendation.   

Netflix and TV:  I am on my way to forgiving you.  Happy viewing, friends!


Leigh Powell Hines (Hines-Sight Blog) said...

And you are so welcome. Now, you have me intrigued at this other show. I watched the Sopranos so I will have to see who actor this is...Christopher, maybe. I was talking about Person of Interest last night, and told my husband how excited I was to watch it. I just look forward to it. I was so mad last week though...the Duke v. Carolina game moved it to 1:37 am, and something ran late so the show was talk show then only 15 minutes of Person of Interest.

jamiew said...

:0) (this really doesn't convey the huge grin on my face while I read this post)

Organic Hispanic said...

@leigh - you really need to check out lilyhammer - IF you like mobsters (ex), dry humor, subtitles, and loveable (DEEP down) characters who seriously need anger management. (i will NOT be offended if you hate it ;o). @jamiew - you made the blog, friend. thank you, thank you, thank you (you are forgiven for any "tricks" you *may* have taught e. to do with the notebook. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recommendation! I never heard of it!