Monday, February 13, 2012

Cookies III, OR Don't Hate Me Because I Cannot Stop.

I *might* be addicted to perfecting the art of making cookies.  Since it is nowhere near perfect, you are going to see a hell of a lot more photos of not-so-perfect cookies.  Sorry.

There is a super mom in my neighborhood who makes all these amazing cookies and who went with me to my cookie class back in December.  Not only is she an amazing friend who I love dearly, a super mom, and a fabulous cookie maker, she also does wacky things like make 8000 cookies for her daughter's various school functions.  She told me a few years ago that for Valentines Day she makes these large sugar cookie hearts and that's what her daughter gives for Valentines - complete with To:  From:  written on them in frosting - (because who wouldn't want THAT instead of a cheap five cent Sponge Bob card from Wal-Mart???).  I know.  That kind of super mom kind of makes me vomit, too.  When she told me about the Valentines I immediately said, "That is fabulous and they sound beautiful.  Get in the car, kids.  We are going to Wal-Mart."

Well, this year I decided I wouldn't ever be able to do what she does because I am a slacker mom and because I have four kids.  Multiply that out and it would be like one million cookies, two cases of beer, and a mom who would be screaming at everyone for about all of February.  So, I decided I could do it for the three year old (she has SEVEN kids in her class).  And, so that my other three kids wouldn't feel left out, I could do it for their teachers.  And, maybe I could do it for my own kids (cute, right?).  And, maybe if there is anyone else I love (that I could remember), they might get one too (if there were enough).

That's how this happened:

Girl 3 made her own cards.  So, then I had to actually write real words on them.  Since I got this hair-brained idea spur of the moment I decorated all of the cookies.  Next year (if there is a next year) there will be more team participation.

And these are for MY sweet valentines.
And one more for my Valentine (not the small ones).
Happy Valentines Day, friends.  I hope you are with someone you love and if their names are Ghiradelli or Miller, no judgment here.  See you on the other side. 


Shannon said...

You are smarter than me, remember when I took cake decorating classes? When I was pregnant, and ended up with gestational diabetes? Playing with frosting I couldn't eat while pregnant, not fun!

You inspired me so I made a valentines cake. It came out pretty well considering that I haven't been doing much decorating lately. We are waiting for kids to finish the dishes so we can eat the cake. Maybe I will get myself together and post a blog later this week. Wouldn't hold my breath though.

Monica said...

you are one of the first people that inspired me!!! did you like the bikini cookies? i love them. i had planned to make ed a whole set of like six girls, but i just didn't have enough time or energy. the girls LOVED them. they wanted polka dot bikinis, etc., etc. they had a ton of ideas. at least it wasn't m., right??? miss ya!

jamiew said...

I might be willing to try this cookie thing, or just hang out while they are being made, make a lot of gushy compliments and reap the leftovers.

Shannon said...

Love the bikini cookies. Dave does too, quote "When are you gong to make some of those for me??"

I need a decent recipe for sugar cookie dough. My rolled cookies never come out right.

Monica said...

@shannon - if i can remember i will email you karey's recipe. it's tasty. @jamie - i will invite you to do easter cookies (jesus dying on the cross and bunnies and eggs). you can do the jesuses.