Thursday, January 6, 2011

January. And you might need a laugh.

So, I may suffer from seasonal depression.  And if my husband were to diagnose me there would be a huge checkmark in my medical record next to that one.  Good thing he's not a doctor (he only plays one on TV ;o).  I have been known to waste a little time periodically (no???  horror!!!) and this increases phenomenally when I am "in a funk."  But, thankfully I have learned (yes, I like to think I have cornered the market on refining procrastination) to spend a good part of this time looking for things that will make me laugh or at the very least make me smile. 

Where am I going with this drivel?  Not sure, but I decided to share a few things that never fail to make me smile/laugh (sometimes out loud and sometimes interspersed with crying and snorting) just in case Janurary's got you down too.  Thank me later when you are feeling better (like June).  :o)

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