Monday, January 31, 2011

The Best Fish Tacos on the Planet (but if you hate fish, don't stop reading)

I promised a while back to provide you with restaurant reviews (not because I have a talent for this, but because I LOVE TO EAT).  So here it goes!  I bring you one of my all-time favorite restaurants:

Click on that link and tell me you are not already hungry with that awesome music.  Makes you want to eat some delish Mexican food, right?  Well, friend, that is JUST the BEGINNING.  Rosarios has been my haunt since the 80's (I'm not old - I was only like five then) when my hubby and I (child bride) stumbled upon it.  In those days it was located further down Alamo Street and was a bit more of a "hole in the wall."  But, we quickly realized that this was a gem of a restaurant. 

Back then we loved to eat the shrimp nachos (often in the wee hours of the morning - - just sayin').  Rosarios was one of the first places here to make a mark on shrimp nachos.  Really, what could be better?  Shrimp - one of my favorite things, and nachos - another of my favorite things.  Coupled with a giant schooner of beer or a fabulous margarita (which they are also famous for) and you have a late night snack for champions.

Well, I am posting this because I had an opportunity this past Saturday to share the delectable flavor of Rosarios with some out-of-towners (and some in-towners who did not yet know the greatness of this place).  I loved, loved, loved that.  AND they loved it, too - I am happy to say. 

I am going to take some time to tell you about their amazing fish tacos.  Do not try this at home - - you will be disappointed.  Get in your car (or take a plane if you have to) and just visit the dang place.  They bring two of them to you in aluminum foil.  Love that.  No sides of beans and rice because guess what - -  You don't need them.  I'll start with the tortilla.  Corn.  And hot so that it isn't hard, but soft and pliable which you need in order to wrap it so you don't lose any of the contents (that would be sinful).  Tilapia.  That's the fish.  And it's marinated (I think - I am not a professional reviewer, just a professional eater) then grilled so that it has a slight but not overpowering flavor.  I have tried many times to replicate this fish grilling thing and's easier to drive my butt downtown, pay the money, and eat these.  The fish is topped with a slaw, cut fresh soft avocado pieces, and some sort of chipotle mayonnaise dressing (which I have also tried at home only to be seriously disappointed).  The combination of these flavors is the closest I have come to heaven.

Here is what I have also tried at this place (when I can pry my mind away from the fish tacos - or I am hungry enough to eat two entrees - SAY WHAT???):  chiles rellenos (Again - don't even try these at home.  SOOOOOOO not worth it - just buy these.  They are so yummy), enchiladas suizas, ceviche (which I don't even like and I still licked the plate), chicken mole (again, not my favorite - but found myself not being able to stop eating it), and the BEST appetizers (oh, wait I forgot the shrimp nachos) - queso flameado (if you have never had that, it's high time you try it), and rajas de chile (again, if you have no idea what that is, friend, you NEED to know).

My mouth is watering and I just ate.  THAT is why this restaurant deserves a huge thumbs up.  Oh, and did I say the service is fantastic?  It is.  And the ambiance?  Well, you heard the music.

So, the next time you are here do your tummy a favor and check it out.


Becky said...

Hmm. Looks like I need to call you next time I run away north :)

Monica said...

oh, becky. i use ANY excuse to go there. trust me bloggy friend - it doesn't get better than this. i can hear it now to my hubby - hey, baby, you don't actually KNOW becky (and neither do i), but i NEED to go to rosarios with her!!!!

Becky said...

Hey they say you are supposed to meet weird internet people in a public place just in case they are psycho. If that public place just happens to have good food, what ya gonna do? You are forced to eat it unfortunately. Seriously though isn't S. coming into town this summer? I think a Texas meet up is in order :)

Shannon said...

I am glad to hear you use any excuse to go there because I am needed me some of Rosario's chips and salsa and a big ol margarita this summer. Girl you really gotta quit writing about all the good food there, my eating list for the summer is is getting too long. First Lorenzo's now Rosario's! Start saving because you are responsible for the cravings so you gotta go with me!

Monica said...

okay. it's a date. becky - you need to come north while shannon is here! we will get up a gang and eat at rosarios. ;o) shannon - i can only be responsible for my own eating - which is extensive and expensive. ;o)

Shannon said...

I am looking forward to getting together with both of you, but don't wait for me to go hang out and enjoy some food! Just FB me so I can live vicariously!