Monday, December 1, 2008

Smile and say vomit!

Christmas cards with a beautiful photo of the well mannered children dressed in color coordinated outfits appears not to be in the cards for the DLCs. After two Starbucks cups of Hill Country brew coffee I was feeling pleasantly smug about actually having found four coordinating slightly Christmas (but not crazy) clean outfits for the kids, dressing them, and being fairly on time to church. Our plan was to attend Ed's church as a family for the first time in over nine months ( a whole other post entirely) and then take our Christmas photo. ("Plan" being the operative word there.) Corina vomited all over her red dress not two minutes from church. Ugh. It may be another year before we can pull off a stunt like coordinating clean clothes again - let alone attending church on time as a family. Ugh.


Shannon said...

Ewww! Yuck! I am sorry and hope Corina feels better soon.

Jae said...

Oh man ... You are totally deserving of a free pass this year. ;)