Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's not Mozart, but I like it.

Malcolm had his first piano performance. I was the only nervous one, and it was definitely a Proud Parent Day. It was yet another time I have marveled at my own amazing parents who remained enthusiastic and encouraging through their 10th child's (me!) achievements. All in all it was a memory filled day attended by his grandparents, his uncle, his aunt, and his very good friends.

If you've ever grumbled, "Practice makes perfect," you can appreciate that practice actually paying off. Malcolm did a great job on his four pieces... despite the fact that the performance was held at a mall... two weeks before Christmas, with really the only people caring in the slightest that a child was playing the piano were his relatives or friends! Thank you mom, dad, Ray, Lucy and the C's for being so patient and loving to be amazed and proud at a six year old plunking away at Christmas!!! ;o)


Jae said...

Hee hee! We were there and he rocked the house! And with NO nerves?! How does/did he do that??? Yay Malcolm!!

And Happy B-Day boy!

Amanda said...

Thanks so much for visiting Bibs & Cribs! Beaautiful kids! =)

Shannon said...

Yay Malcolm! Way to go! Four pieces I am really impressed! Colin and Alonzo only had to do two.