Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve and Day!

It was an awesome day! After watching Sofia and Malcolm in the church Christmas choir, we spent the evening last night with good friends eating tamales and Christmas cookies. Yummy. We've held that tradition for a few years and this year was no exception. Unfortunately we did not spend the day today with mom and dad. It's the first time in years we've not done that and it was a little strange and sad. But all went well despite that. :o) We spent the day playing with all the booty that Santa brought. Ed managed to put together Sofia's four foot dollhouse with no cursing and only one undo (as in unscrew and do again). ;o) That was a first. Malcolm played with his Lego land all day and Corina loved her baby doll. Once again our good friends came over for dinner. On the menu: ham, tamales, broccoli casserole, sweet potatoes a la me, mashed potatoes, and tummy yummies for dessert. Evening brought us a power outage. So much for getting the first good night's rest in DAZE. All the kids (after literally falling asleep in their chairs at 6:45) came running into our room scared. So...we ended up all asleep in one room - which inevitably leads to no one asleep in one room! ;o) Ah, well. It was a relaxing and delicious day. Maybe sleep will come tonight. Happy Birthday Jesus. :o)


Jae said...

That is AMAZING! ;) ;) love you both!!!! No cussing?? not once?! Holy cow! hee hee ... we were doing both here. ;)

Thank you for dinner!!! It was so fun ... gotta someday, post pictures... sigh

Shannon said...

I had tamales!!! YAY TAMALES!!!! YUM YUM YUM. I had to make them myself nut I had tamales on CHristmas eve and ham on CHristmas day. Do great minds think alike or what????