Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Malcolm!

Today was his actual birthday, but the celebrating started Sunday at Peter Piper Pizza. We let him pick a restaurant since he wasn't having a party. He had a great time with the sisters. Today he got to open his presents and take cupcakes to school for his classmates. It was with tears in my eyes that I told him yesterday, "Bubbie, this is the last day in your WHOLE LIFE that you will be six. ENJOY IT!" He, of course, did not understand the depth of that comment, and I think I understood it far too well. ;o) It makes me happy and sad that somewhere inside that big seven year old boy is the baby I had seven years ago.

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Jae said...

Awww! I thought maybe we would get to give pressies on that day too ... but i understand what you're doing. We are too. :) Six is pretty big w/boys isn't it?? I'm loving it and hating it.