Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas

December 2 (or is it the 3rd - who knows?)

1. Make two fairly nutritious lunches.
2. Oops, finish yesterday's to do list.
3. Make breakfast.
4. Call a customer to figure out a decent mat.
5. Learn to say no when customers ask for outrageous mats.
6. Deliver prints.
7. Figure out where the hell I am delivering the prints.
8. Talk and play with Corina.
8. Oh, see I have two number 8s. That's no good.
10. Breastfeed Alaina.
11. Repeat 10 about 100 times throughout the day and be happy and joyous about it.
12. Talk to the other two kids I have given birth to.
13. Make lunch for remaining child.
14. Remember to load remaining child on the bus and greet her when she gets back home.
15. Make sure homework gets done.
16. Clean the cat litter so he does not go on the floor again (I am the only one that notices the cat poop on the floor, but still I feel he should not do this).
17. Clean the bathrooms, which have not been cleaned since before Thanksgiving.
18. Sweep the floor (see number 17 for time frame on the last time this was done) - although again no one but me seems to notice the food on the floor.
19. Prep for dinner, cook dinner, clean up after dinner.
20. Take Malcolm to piano and keep ALL the girls quiet during piano.
21. Bathe kids, read to them, say a prayer (either in thanksgiving or a prayer for more time tomorrow), and plop them into bed.
23. I know, I know. Stare at the half un-packed boxes of Christmas decorations on the landing.
24. Make the deposit from Monday.
25. Buy an advent wreath since we can't find the one we own.
22. Begin number 2.


Suzie said...

Wow Im tired just reading that

Jae said...

Uh oh, it seems you have somehow gotten my list - well my list minus items 10 and 11 ...

Our Christmas stuff is half unpacked in the bedroom ... it's easier to avoid it that way. ;)

LEon said...

I have not get into the mood yet. Merry Christmas to you.

Shannon said...

Yep that feels like my day, I was dropping Grayson and checking off what I still need to do (and feeling like I might get it under control in the next day or 3) when another parent cornered me and reminded me that I need to go buy presents for the teachers. Freaking out!! When I volunteered for room parent I didn't think about the present thing. I am such a dork. That one thing makes me feel like I am the bottom of an avalanche! I have NO IDEA where to go buy something! Crap!

Shannon said...

Forgot to tell you that we made an advent calendar this year. Actually we have been making one every year since Alonzo was in Kinder. It's Mrs. Guvara's idea not mine. Take a page from a holiday coloring book or print one from the computer. Color and cut out. Glue it to a piece of construction paper. Make a construction paper chain with 24 links. Staple it to the bottom of the construction paper each day rip off a link. Easy Peasy!