Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Long Short Trip Down Memory Lane

Yesterday we went to mom and dad's. When I was hauling Sofie to time-out I came across a photo album and got seriously distracted with a long trip (about 20 years) down memory lane. This is what I saw...
Maria pregnant with Jesse.
Jesse in his high chair apparently eating something he didn't like very much. ;o)
Gabe sitting on dad's lap and dad reading him a book.
Monika sitting on dad's lap looking very cute in a red dress with frilly baby bloomers.
Lucy in bed with her three LITTLE kids.
Dad reading a book to Redwing.
Michael and mom and dad sitting on a picnic table hugging.
Olivia and Dana at Maria and Paul's.
Julie playing ping-pong at Maria and Paul's with Raul in the background.
Ray with LITTLE Carlos and Lizzie.
The Brady bunch all together and all pre-marriage and kids!
Levi at the zoo with mom and dad.
Nicki with a huge smile at mom and dad's house.
Trino and Regina's wedding pictures.
Mom and dad's backyard blanketed under a layer of thick snow (which dad reminded me was in 1985 - the year he SAID I graduated - although I know I am MUCH younger than that).

And I could go on and on because this little photo doohickie held about a 1000 pictures - Sofie had long since finished her meltdown by the time I got through this thing. But...I was struck to the point of tears at how many pictures I saw of love, laughing, and hugging. It made me happy to be a part of our family. :o)

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