Saturday, September 14, 2013

Self confidence? Check.

Hubby had this idea that this would be the School Year of Goal Setting.  So, as a family we sat down at the beginning of the school year and wrote down a few personal goals for the month or year or day.  We shared them and we check our progress toward/revise our goals as a family on Sunday evenings.  I know, so Cleaverish of us, right?

Here's what Girl 2 wrote the first time.
#1?  She's seen me make a *few.*  Three out of four of my kids were born with no volume control, hence #2.  #3?  That was all her.
Her first time checking her own progress she proclaimed loudly, "Be awesome?  Definitely a big check!"

I guess self confidence is not one of her weaknesses.  Awesome.


Shannon said...

Yep that ranks right up there with me suggesting that perhaps C should take some art lessons. His reply "Why? I'm already a good artist. Why would I take art lessons?" Yep no self confidence issues there.

Mind Margins said...

Such a sweet list. I'm impressed that "lower the volume" made the list.

Monica said...

@Shannon - ha! that sounds just like c. love that boy. @mind margins - hmm. it *could* be that I am constantly saying, "lower your volume, baby. lower your volume." bless her heart. I think she thinks we live in a helicopter.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is VERY Cleaverish! I am impressed! I made a bunch of goals for Dimples this year without her input, which is the complete opposite of the way I do it with my students. And equally as effective, apparently.

Monica said...

@whatimeant2say - don't be impressed (if you were thinking of it). you read it was HUBBY's idea, right? I make goals for everyone in my family, too. I also make new year's resolutions for everyone in my family (and friends and strangers). and, yes, I've seen this is highly *effective*. ;o)