Tuesday, December 7, 2010

For the Love of Technology

OMG. I am sitting here surfing the net and just playing around while ed is playing with his new phone.

So, he's here screaming into his phone (or, as he corrected me, "speaking loudly and clearly" into his phone,) "CALL HOME." A nice friendly woman inside his phone says, "What did you say?"

He calmly says, "CALL A HOME." Which, to me, sounds just like something else (use your imagination - I have a "G" rating).

Nice Lady says, "I'm sorry. Did you say 'Call Yolanda?'"

I could swear ed mutters something nasty under his breath. But then he calmly says, "NO. I SAID CALL A HOME."

Nice Lady says, "Okay. I am looking up that number."

At this point I look up from my laptop totally and completely intrigued and giggling quite loudly and THEN our phone rings.

Ed smiles a smug little smile.

Seeing that I am totally laughing and digging this ed says, "Dial M. (for me ;o)" Nice lady says, "Okay. I am looking up that number."

And I am thinking, "Wait. Another woman knows my number??? Say what??? And, who's Yolanda???"

Then, my cell phone rings and I see that it's ed's face on my phone.

I will have to change the picture I have for him in my phone to this smug little face that he is wearing right now.


Shannon said...

Wait wait wait! YOU have a cell phone, and a TV and, a computer and Ed had a NEW cell phone and a GPS? When did y'all decide to join the 21st century? LOL!

Monica said...

not our decision. ed got a new job and they gave him the tom tom, required he get a smart phone, and he's always had his iTOUCH. i just have my same old laptop, and my same old (not too smart) phone. ;o) malcolm still knows more than me. ;o)

Jae said...

Heee heee!! E is such a smarty pants!

My phone has voice command - but i don't know how to command it to do it ... better to say i just don't have the time or energy or wherewithal to program the dang thing!