Thursday, March 4, 2010

Time Sucker Thy Name is Laptop

Wow. I had about one million things on my to-do list yesterday and my house cleaner called to tell me she couldn't come over to clean my filthy house. So, with all the things I had to do I decided to clean my own house (which was not a good decision in the end since I have now been four weeks without a professional cleaning my house ;o). So, because I cannot stay focused and cleaning is not my best subject I had to veer off-task several times throughout the five to six hours it took me to clean. In my veering off I checked everyone's Facebook statuses (what is the plural of that word - statusi?), checked the blogs on my reading list, checked out a new coffeemaker online that I had seen over the weekend, checked out a new VISA card that would allow me to rack up miles to places Southwest travels since I cannot afford to fly six people across the street, etc., etc. While getting up to date on my blog reading, I managed to check MY blog and I saw that I had posted only a few times since the new year. This got me thinking...............what month is it anyway? MARCH??? When did THAT happen (I have been told that it happened over the weekend)? Holy batcar, Robin. It's March and I find myself mentally in January. So, this post is going to be a quick (WAS going to be a quick) list of what I have been doing since my last post - which as I recall was sometime in February.

What I have been doing since my last post (I know, you are stunned by my creativity - join the club):
1. Laundry - has this multiplied? Honestly people, I think it reproduces.
2. Making lunches for five people
3. Writing really bad stuff every morning while drinking three cups of coffee
4. Trying to stay in January by not changing any of our calendars
5. Re-doing my downstairs (which although it is only comprised of about 900 square feet is very problematic since I cannot make a decision about even which pillow to buy)
6. Trying to make money so that I can re-do my downstairs
7. Mothering four small people
8. Cooking three meals a day
9. Having an internal debate as to whether or not I should return to full-time work
10. Making countless pro and con lists
11. Running errands
12. Inventing ways to not do my taxes this year
13. Attempting to keep in touch with my family (the ones who live and don't live with me ;o)
14. Re-doing the budget each day in an attempt to find extra money
15. Working out
16. Squeezing in prints when I am not too busy wasting time
17. Trying desperately to stay focused on tasks ahead
18. Preparing my oldest for his First Communion (the anticipation of another possible Examination of Conscience is killing me)
19. Yes, #15 said "working out" - I am IN SHAPE, baby. My core is tight. Wow, that's something you don't see often on my blog.
20. And drum roll please because twenty is a multiple of 10...................................Keeping all of my new year's resolutions (check the list, friend).

That's a wrap. What have YOU been up to?


Shannon said...

Regarding number 15 You Suck! Me and my jiggly jelly belly mean that in the nicest possible way. Core, what's a core? Isn't that the thingy in the middle of the apple?

Oh and number 9: I had a dream a few nights ago you took a job teaching overseas in Jakarta and I was there visiting. When the stupid alarm woke me up we were laying on the beach at the sailing club being waited on hand and foot. Damn alarlm!

Monica said...

a-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! no, no. not jakarta, just northside or anyside or should i say wheretheyhaveajobside? my core is strong, unfortunately, i don't LOOK a whole lot different??? WTH?

Jae said...

ah ha!!! so this is what you do while baby is at MDO?! hee hee!!!

you clean like me!! so happy i'm not alone. :-D i wander around, do other stuff, clean a bit, go do some more stuff, clean some more, just as you typed!

good for you on your core!! whoo hoo! my core is stronger, *BUT* (it's a big but!) there's still a layer of belly fat on it, so it doesn't LOOK stronger.