Friday, March 19, 2010

As Promised...

Well, we have come full circle. Friday of Spring Break 2010 has ended. As spring breaks go, it was pretty good. There were a few times I wanted to send my children back to school, but there were also plenty of memorable times. Wednesday was another lazy day. I can't even really remember what we did, but whatever it was it was minus Sofia - which was difficult. Sofia is my peacemaker, so when she leaves - no matter for how short a time - all hell breaks loose between Malcolm and Corina. I think they fight until there is literally nothing left to say or do. It's crazy. So, I do know that a great deal of Wednesday morning was spent breaking up an ongoing fight. I think we then ran errands and by then the desire to fight about everything and nothing had subsided somewhat. It was a gorgeous day so they got a lot of energy out in the great outdoors. Sofia decided to spend more time at granmy's and aunt lucy's after having somewhat of a craft-fest - which is her ultimate dream. We headed to Kerrville Thursday for a picnic and to take Sofia more supplies. It was another gorgeous day, and we had a great time at the river. Friday we relaxed, Sofia finally came home, and we rested from our busy week. Ed managed to get home early and the kids again spent most of the gorgeous weather day outside. Today it's back to work and we hope to spend tomorrow - our last day of spring break 2010 at the river. Although, as luck would have it a cold front hit last night, so we may end up here eating hot dogs instead. ;o) Here are some pics from our week. Happy days!

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Shannon said...

It is funny that Sophia is the peacemaker. Colin is the trouble starter. I hadn't realized how much so until he spent the night at school. Alonzo and Gray got along so well, it was amazing. I will have to watch him careful to see what it is he is doing. I am so tired of all the fighting.

Looks like y'all had a great spring break.