Tuesday, March 16, 2010

2010 Spring Break Report #1

This may be the only one, but in case I am ambitious I will number them. So, we have only sat down one time since Friday. Here is my report:

1. Friday ended with a Spring Break kick-off fire-pit. None of the pictures Ed took came out (not that I would ever post them on my blog since I am terribly computer-inept), but a great time was had by all. Kids finally petered out around 10:00 p.m. after their sugar-high finally wore off. We celebrated a week off with beverages and lots and lots of sweet treats.

2. Saturday was spent largely in our pajamas. Malcolm and Ed took off in the afternoon to a BMX "clinic" (which means there is a semi-famous BMX guru charging lots of money to teach the kids tricks and techniques of the trade). I spent a large part of the day researching our family vacation. And, after STILL being undecided I have decided travel agents earn a respectful living. Us girls finally got dressed around 2:00 p.m. and played outside in the sunshine with some good friends. I cooked a pot of spaghetti for dinner everyone ate and us girls promptly got BACK into our jammies. The boys headed BACK to the track where Malcolm was destined for a second place until another boy wiped out and in the process clipped Malcolm's tire which then wiped him out. Boy child was sad, but admitted he'd had an eventful and worthwhile day.

3. Sunday began with church and then an interesting trip to and then around the zoo. Little did we know - all 100,000 spring breakers in San Antonio for the week also wanted to go to the zoo on Sunday "after church." When we rounded the corner and saw a sign "parking $5.00" that I have never seen before and few spots left going for $5 - we made a smart decision to forgo the zoo for another day. We headed to a city park right downtown and had a fabulous time. In a rare move, Ed decided to spend a small fortune on the kids and he took them to the top of the needle and they saw a 4D movie (included in the price of the ticket) and got to go on the observation deck and had a lot of specific things to relate to me in screaming voices upon returning back down. We headed to Sonic for happy hour and then back to the house for a yummo dinner of burgers and even got to play outside with the neighbors after dinner.

4. Monday we attempted the zoo again. Time 2 proved successful albeit CROWDED. The news cameras were there and it was later reported that the zoo had record numbers of visitors Sunday and Monday. But, we GOT IN and we didn't have to pay for parking - bonus. I spent $.98 on a refill popcorn (after popping the first round at home - he-he-he-he!) and a few dollars on a train ride for all of us. The girls had a great time and baby had a ball on her third official trip to the zoo. Malcolm made the decision to go with a friend to Pump It Up and not join the girls for the zoo. It was a little sad (for me), but it was a mature decision for him and I decided to let him make it and live with any repercussions. He was a little miffed that we rode the train, but quickly remembered it was "his decision," and got over it.

5. Today we ventured out again on an unsuccessful journey. The Witte Museum is free on Tuesdays after 3:00, so we headed down there around 2:00 with my dad and my sister and all the kids in tow. Well, it did occur to me that I should know better (after we were already looking at the STREAMS of people)...........holy cow! All the people that were at the zoo on Sunday and Monday were in line to get in free at the Witte. Once we got through traffic we decided to go to Half Price Books and hang out instead. Not nearly as fun, but no waiting in line. ;o) I promised the kids we would try again - not during spring break, but again sometime.

So, that's it for now. Sofie is hopefully tucked in at grandpa's house thanks to her Aunt Lucy's invitation and promises of craft fun, and Malcolm and Corina are sound asleep on my bedroom floor happily enjoying a mom's room sleepover. I hope to report back in at the end of the week if I am still alive and well. And maybe I will even be able to post a few pics. I am still thoroughly enjoying not getting up, not making lunches, and not having a schedule. Happy days, my friends.


Shannon said...

By the top of the needle do you mean the Tower of Americas? Dave wants to take the kids this summer. Will have to get details from you when it gets closer.

Other things to give up on during spring break include Natural Bridge Caverns and the wildlife drive through. I tried that one year. YIKES talk about crowds and a LOT more expensive than I remembered. Have a great spring break and I can't wait to see everyone this summer. Take care.

Melissa Galban said...

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