Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Resolutions Shmesolutions

Well, just checking back in - three days into the New Year's resolutions. You may want to read my previous post as it is referenced in this post (or just muddle through confused which is basically my motto for life). I have learned a few things these past few days that I would like to share with you in the hopes that they will help you lead a less painful life and also help you keep your resolutions (if you were crazy enough to make any). So, here it goes:

I don't know what to call this list - will get back to that later.

1. When you ask "Santa" for an exercise video make sure you have all the equipment necessary to implement that video.
2. An in-shape, flexible, balanced body is one of those necessary things.
3. There are apparently several advantages to having a strong "core." And I am not talking apples, here baby.
4. When you do an exercise video for abs, sides, and butt prepare to not be able to shampoo your hair, put on deodorant, or sit for a while.
5. Food is a necessary evil.
6. Exercise gives you an appetite for all of the things that were taken off your diet due to the fact that you need exercise. This is a vicious circle which can only be broken by an eclipse of the moon.
7. Hummus although low in fat is high in yuck compared to artichoke jalapeno dip from Costco.
8. There are still Christmas cookies and ice cream in the freezer and they will find you when you are ravenous from your exercise video.
9. Your to-do list will be much longer in January than your to-be list (whoever wanted one of those in the first place???) because you have sat on your bum for two full weeks.
10. Don't be discouraged. After all I am ending on 10 and that is one of my resolutions! Yay me.


Shannon said...

I am laughing so hard I remember when I was still in college and did the Cindy Crawford workout video then went to work at Whataburger and dropped my pen, I was so sore I couldn't bend over and pick it up, seriously I had to get someone else to pick it up. I will let you know how I am feeling next week around tuesday or wednesday because monday I start the 30 day shred to get in shape so I can do that 5k training program because I a too out of shape to do the first workout of the 5k program.
And I am feeling guilty because while I have been reading blogs faithfully mine has not yet been updated yet this year.

Jae said...

Oh I love it!!! Yes, a strong core is necessary! Hey girl, a yoga video put my nearly in the same place as you. How sad is that?!

Marta Sanchez said...

I have fudge in my freezer and am taking to work to get rid of. Monica, your cousin Marta here in Seattle. So sorry about your mom. Received little information, please either reply via Facebook message I sent or