Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I have to write this down

because it is so funny and I want to remember it later. ;o) Later as in - in a few weeks because that seems to be the length of my long-term memory nowadays.

During Christmas my kids have participated in a Christmas choir at our church. During this time they learn Christmas songs that are sung in our church during advent and Christmas. Some of them are songs that the average person might know (Silent Night, Oh, Come All Ye Faithful) and some of them are songs that the average person might not know - Stay Awake, Feliz Navidad.

So, the Stay Awake song is a catchy little tune whose words are very basic: Stay awake (clap, clap)! Be ready (clap, clap)! You do not know the hour that the Lord is coming! Stay awake! Be ready! The Lord is coming soon. Then it goes into a rousing Alleluia, alleluia, THE LORD IS COMING SOON.

Like I said, very catchy, kid-friendly tune. Usually this song is sung year round in my home when various things happen to remind the kids of the words. Well, the other night it is right after dinner and the kids are mulling around the kitchen - putting dishes in the sink, etc. and C says to everyone and no one, "MY FOOT IS ASLEEP!" As if on cue M and S simultaneously broke into a rousing rendition aimed directly at C's foot, "STAY AWAKE! BE READY! YOU DO NOT KNOW THE HOUR THAT THE LORD IS COMING!"

Ed nearly spit out the tea he happened to be swallowing and I laughed pretty dang hard.

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Shannon said...

your kids are a hoot!