Sunday, January 24, 2010

Exercise - need I say more?

I think it's high time for a quick list. So, here it goes.

1. Thank God (he-he-he) for Sundays. He said rest and I am gonna do it. No exercise today, folks.

2. I don't like exercise. It does not make my body feel better. It makes my body hurt. And after a certain age (if you don't know the age - you are not there yet) it does not get any easier. I'm on day I Can't Remember and new areas of my body hurt daily. I always think to myself - oh, I've been doing this for a while now - I am going to feel great tomorrow. And, no. I wake up and I am still sore.

3. Exercise has made me consider taking up smoking. I am not joking here, but when I think or type this I do get the giggles.

4. If a genie came out of a bottle and granted me three wishes I have decided (since I started exercising seriously three weeks ago) I would wish for a toned, in-shape body with no exercise. AND the awesome part of that.....................................I'd still have TWO wishes left!!?? THAT'S a no-brainer. Guess when I thought THIS up............running my 45 minutes yesterday.

5. Everyone keeps telling me that eventually my appetite will "even-out." And by everyone I mean people that work-out and like it and are fairly in-shape. So, just by the nature of who this information is coming from - that means it probably won't happen to me. I am still eating like a horse. A horse that has been worked to a near death state.

6. Stepping (this is a type of aerobic exercise that involves a step - hence the name) is not what it used to be for me in high school. I almost killed myself trying to do steps last week. It would have been very, very funny had I not been - again - near death.

That's all I have for today. Six is a multiple of 10 in some countries. Stay fit, my friends. And if you can't stay fit - stay happy. ;o)


Shannon said...

I thought I was the only one who was discovering new achy muscles every day. I am day 13 well actually day 12 since I conveniently "forgot" to exercise yesterday.

Monica said...

he-he-he-he. ed has told me that we are of a certain age when exercise is always painful (oh, that's what i wanted to hear). he has been going faithfully to the gym for over a year now and he reported to me this morning that he STILL gets sore. he tells me the good news is that if you are not sore you are not working yourself hard enough. UGH. THAT's why i hate it. and, of course, he tells me - no pain, no gain. let's modify that age-old rhyme.

Jae said...

Girlfriend, I'm on day 19 of exercising (day 16 if you minus out the days I skipped which is one day per week), and every day, new muscles feel sore, my joints feel weird, like they pop and click at weird times, and I'm having to shower more often than want to. :p You are a few years younger than me (IF one were to believe Facebook!), so if you and Ed are at "that" age, then I'm nearly dead! Which explains the tightness and soreness I experience daily.