Friday, January 1, 2010


Melissa Galban said...

what beautiful pictures. I remember those days, the little ones so excited about Santa. You Dad looks really happy with the kiddos.

Is that what I see? Scrapbooking paper? No way! WOW! so nicely in there bins. A woman for my own heart. You should see my craft room. I may have you beat. Stephen(hubby) always has to say "Hobby Lobby doesn't have shit on you." HA HA!

Happy New Year!

Shannon said...

A list by Shannon:
1. I really like the carpet with the circles. Now that we have several traditional tribal carpets I really want a modern one. Can I steal yours?
2. Malcolm and Colin have the same do. Is his hair driving you as batty as Colin's is driving me?
3. The kids are all getting so big. Does that mean we are getting old? Nah, Couldn't be
4. I love the look on Corrina's face in the Christmas card picture (AHEM...where's mine??????) She looks like she is thinking "Just take the damn picture already."
5. Dave says the baby has a Dr. Suess hair-do. I think it is just plain cute.
6. Sophia is your mini-me. Malcolm is Ed's.

Jae said...

I love love LOVE the pic of Sofie on the Putt-Putt course! It looks so modern and VERY cool!!! :) And the one with your Dad and all three girls. :) Love it. (Course they are ALL great! Especially those hot Mama's from the 'hood! hee hee!)

Monica said...

Brandi picked the carpet with the circles. She is SLOWLY redoing my living room area (slowly due to my lack of funds - not her!). No, Malcolm's hair drives me less crazy now b/c it never needs cutting. No, we are definitely NOT getting old. Corina is a mini ed. And I love your list. :O)