Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Resolutions 2010

1. I resolve not to resolve. End of post. He-he-he.

I actually do have some resolutions this year. I have decided to post a few just for fun. Some are for real. Some are just jokes. But, if you can't tell which are which........welcome to my world. ;o) it goes. And what I like most about New Year's Resolutions is that just by their nature they are a list!

1. I resolve to start each day with a list....or at least a loose plan.
2. I resolve to at least finish one thing on said list.
3. I resolve to find the time to smell the roses each day and to be thankful each day.
4. I resolve to concentrate on my to-be list more than or at least as much as my to-do list.
5. I resolve to watch what I eat. Knowing full well that this may mean watching fat go directly from my fork to my mouth. ;o)
6. I resolve to pay my bills on time.
7. I resolve to be kind, patient, and respectful with my husband and kids. And I resolve to go away when I cannot be kind, patient, and respectful. I know what you are thinking.........I'm going to be gone a lot in 2010. ;o)
8. I resolve to at least use the exercise DVD I got for Christmas enough to know what I should be doing on a regular basis.
9. I resolve to end my lists in multiples of 10.
10. I resolve to begin my resolutions during the month of January, or at least before December.


Shannon said...

OK I am stealing your list with only a few changes. Dave pays bills so I can forget bout that one and I want to get in shape so I am going to try to run a 5k this year. I don't think I could have done that even in high school so it is a real challenge for me, I am not a runner.

Monica said...

You GO GIRL!!!! Wow. I don't think I could do a 5K at this point - and, sadly, I AM a runner. I am so fat and out of shape it's sad. And THIS on the heels of losing about 10 pounds after mom died. It's all caught up to me in about two days. SCARY. Ed says it's just cuz we are old. :o((( Boo. I wish Ed paid the bills..............oh, I don't because we'd be homeless and starving. ;o) love ya.

Jae said...

I'm with Shannon - can we just let you do the typing and she and I steal the lists? You are ubber helpful in this way! (are you twitching? hee hee hee!)

Uh, Shannon - 5K?! Good gracious woman ... you go girl!

We'd be homeless too, if Steve paid the bills. That is one that I have to do!

Shannon said...

Up date on the 5k thing, obviously i was high on left over eggnog, latte and chocolate chip cookies. Got on the treadmill and walked, let repeat walked, for 30 minutes and almost died, tried running and that lasted precisely 34 seconds before I had to either slow down to a walk or fall off the back of the treadmill. My ass hurt, my knees hurt, my ankles hurt and my left hip is probably in need of surgical intervention, oh and I need a better bra! I am pathetic!