Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween...a day and night for rule changing

When you try to cram too much into Halloween day two things are going to happen. 1. The kids are going to throw giant fits and turn into devil children. 2. The pumpkins are going to get carved the day AFTER Halloween. So, we did what we could and had a blast doing it. Here are our pictures. Enjoy! Oh, and this would really be scary if I did this Halloween post without a LIST. Have no fear:


1. Attending a potluck on Halloween when you have four kids is a GREAT idea. Mess up someone else's kitchen, feed your kids, and get out while you can and before total meltdown (that will come later when their bellies are full of sugar and they are up 40 hours after their bedtime). (Thank you B.C.)

2. Porch lights off = not participating in Halloween is a good idea, but not necessarily a time honored tradition in our neighborhood (that's for you, K.E.). It could just mean they are busy and will answer when they are good and ready with lots of candy for your kids who are already on to the next house.

3. Although I do not fully understand Neighbors Who Have No Kids But Who Decorate Above and Beyond for Halloween - I love you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

4. Generally kids crossing the street from side to side after dark wearing dark clothing and heads covered with masks making breathing and seeing virtually impossible is really, really dangerous. But on Halloween - it's encouraged, required, and seemingly healthy.

5. Candy when given without restriction can cause a catatonic stage followed by bursts of strange and lively activity. This cycle can continue until the child can either no longer walk to the area where the candy is, or cannot muster the energy to come out of the trance.

6. Halloween Mainland Square 2009 was the best one that I can remember (except for last year). :o)


jamiew said...

Love it!! Especially the kids getting fed elsewhere part!

Jae said...

From 3 and on, I'm in 100% agreement! :-D It was a really fun Halloween this year! Having it on a Saturday, with a nearly full moon, really helped! As did the awesome fire pit at your abode! Thank you, thank you! It was fun, good, and exciting! I truly think it was the best the kids have had yet. :)

Monica said...

I forgot to put in something about wearing large green butterfly wings near an insanely high fire....oh, and the economic stimulus and the plastic hot dogs. But I would have to be a REAL writer to be able to work those into the story. ;o)

Shannon said...

I miss you guys! I am totally stealing your costume idea for next year. I will be Miss Diagnosed in Malawi. HEHEHE. Malcolm and Colin remain as ever on the same page even when half a world apart, they had the same costume except Colin's had some purple trim. WIll eventually get pictures up. Alonzo is STILL home sick. I am sick of him being sick.